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(Archidioecesis Zamboangensis)
Created Diocese : April 10, 1910. Elevated to Archdiocese: May 19, 1958. Comprises the city of Zamboanga, Suffragant: the Prelature of Ipil and Isabela , Basilan and the Apostolic Vicariate of Jolo.Titular: Our Lady of Pillar, Secondary Patron : St. Pius X, Pope.

Born: Dec. 4, 1957 in Alburquerque, Bohol. Parents: Jose Manogas and Candelaria Balo. Education: Elementary-Alburquerque Central School; Highschool-San Roque High School, Alburquerque, Bohol; College-Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary, Tagbilaran City (AB Philosophy); Theology- San Carlos Major Seminary, Cebu City. Ordained Priest: March 27, 1983 in Zamboanga City.

Past Assignments: Assistant Parish Priest- Our Lady of Ransom Parish (Mercedes) from 1983-1987; St. Ignatius Parish (Tetuan) from 1987-1988; Parish Priest- St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish (Curuan) from 1988-1997; San Roque Parish from 2000-2003; Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish (Guiwan) from 2003-2009; Director-St. Francis Orphanage from 1997-2004.
Present Assignments: Parish Administrator- Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception from 2009 to present; Administrator- Curuan Parish Water System from 2006 to present; Vicar General from 2003 to present; Archdiocesan Pastoral Director/Moderator of the Curia from 2003 to present; Episcopal Vicar- Archdiocesan Pastoral Assembly from 1995 to present; Director-Archdiocesan Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) from 2000 to present.
Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
La Purisima, 7000 Zamboagna City

Archbishop Emeritus
Most Reverend
Born: Dec. 11, 1930 in Sorsogon, Sorsogon. Ordained Priest: April 03, 1954. Appointed Fist bishop of Buruan: April 04, 1967. Appointed Metropolitan Archbishop of Zamboanga: Dec. 8, 1994. Installed as Metropolitan Archbishop of Zamboanga: March 07, 1995.

Diocesan Divisions:
With resident pastors………25
Entrusted to diocesan clergy……………………2
Entrusted to religious clergy……………………2
Educational Centers:
High Schools:
Directed by religious……3
Total Enrolment……5,754
Diocesan Parochial………2
Directed by religious……3
Total Enrolment……4,732
Total Enrolment……1,783
Population………………830, 526
Catholics………………599, 165.02
Archbishop Emeritus……………1
Total …………………76
Studying in the Diocese
Studying outside the
Diocese (Major)…………11

Centro Pastoral, Gov. Camins Avenue, 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: (062) 992 7668
Fax: (062) 993 2608

Vicar General: Msgr. Crisologo B. Manongas, Msgr. Luis P. Aranerta
Moderator Curiae: Msgr. Crisologo B. Manongas
Chancellor: Fr. Ferdinand M. Candido
Secretary to the Archbishop: Fr. Ferdinand M. Candido
Financial Administrators:
For Properties: Fr. Sergio de la Noche
For Operation: Fr. Sulpicio S. Soliva, Jr.
Assistance Operational: Fr. Moises M. Cuevas

Episcopal Colleges & Councils
College of Consultors: Msgr. David M. Alonzo, Msgr. Luis P. Araneta, Fr. Adrian U. Barcelo, Msgr. Dominador D. Dagondon, Msgr. Peter V. Garces, Msgr. Crisologo B. Manongas, Fr. Maximo A. Campo, Fr. Jose A. dela Peñas. Fr. Adriano J. Ruis, Jr., Fr. Amado P. Vaño
Presbyterial Council: Msgr. Crisologo B. Manongas, Msgr. Luis P. Araneta, Msgr. David M. Alonzo, Msgr. Peter V. Garces, Fr. Maximo A. Campo, Fr. Amado P. Vaño, Fr. Archie Faustino, Fr. Adriano J. Ruiz, Jr., Fr. Ricardo S. Borbajo, Fr. Gianni Sandalo, PIME, Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF, Fr. Aloysius Chang, Fr. Teofilo T. Pimentel, Fr. Moises M. Cuevas
Archdiocesan Financial Council:
Msgr. Crisologo B. Manongas, Msgr. David M. Alonzo, Fr. Sulpicio S. Soliva, Fr. Serge de la Noche, Fr. Michael N. Gementiza, Fr. Moises M. Cuevas, Fr. Ferdinand M. Candido.
Council for Archdiocesan Foundations: Msgr. Dominador D. Dagondon, Msgr. Luis P. Araneta, Fr. Sulpicio S. Soliva, Fr. Serge de la Noche
Board for Archdiocesan Schools:
Msgr. Dominador D. Dagondon, Msgr. Peter V. Garces, Msgr. Luis P. Araneta, Fr. Sergio dela Noche, Fr. Aloysius Chang, Fr. Jonathan A. Duka, Fr. Teofilo T. Pimentel, Fr. Archie Arthur F. Faustino, Atty. Viginia M. Ramos

Council of the Laity
President: Felisardo Rebollos
Vice President: Gregorio Molina
Secretary: Erlinda M. Ko
Treasurer: Angela L. Baes
Auditor: Valentin Palermo

Central Vicariate: Celestina Wee, Rose Manzo
Eastern Vicariate: Aida Nocum, Pat Flores
Western Vicariate: Corazon Herico, Benigna Sta. Teresa

Commission for Archdiocesan Pastoral Assembly
Episcopal Vicar: Msgr. Crisologo B. Manongas
Members: Fr. Teofilo T. Pimentel, Atty. Arsenio Gonzales Jr.

Zamboanga Matrimonial Court of First Instance (Interdiocesan Tribunal for the Archdiocese of Zamboanga, Prelature of Ipil and Basilan and the Apostolic Vicariate of Jolo)
Judicial Vicar: Msgr. David M. Alonzo
Defender of the Board: Fr. Adrian U. Barcelo, Fr. Jose A. delas Peñas
Advocate: Fr. Rene A. Rivero

Commission on Liturgy: Fr. Alfredo M. Alabado
Commission on Sacred Music: Msgr. Crisologo B. Manongas, Fr. Hilario L. Gador, Jr.
Commission on Church Design & Arts: Fr. Adriano J. Ruiz, Jr., Fr. Francis Edwin V. Jacinto, Ms. Sandy Yu
Eucharistic Ministers: Msgr. Arnold dela Serna

Clergy Formation
Commission on Clergy: Fr. Maximo A. Campo, Msgr. Peter V. Garces, Fr. Michael N. Gementiza
Vocation Apostolate: Fr. Maximo A. Campo
Pastor Bonus Seminary: Fr. Maximo A. Campo
Diaconal Programs: Fr. Maximo A. Campo
Priests’ Outgoing Formation:
Fr. Maximo A. Campo

Lay Formation
Catechetical Apostolate: Fr. Jude Duncombe, Mrs. Salvacion Herrera
Family Life Apostolate: Fr. Adrian U. Barcelo, Sr. Rhesa O. Vergara, LGC
Youth Apostate: Fr. Leh C. Taib
Mission: Fr. Filmore D. Calibo, Fr. William D. Quiamjot
Catholic Charismatic Renewal:
Fr. Maximo A. Campo
Christian Family Movement:
Fr. Adrian U. Barcelo
Nuestra Señora Virgen del Pillar Retreat & Lay Formation Center:
Fr. Ferdinand M. Candido, Sr. Jerilyn Tolda, LGC
Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs):
Msgr. Crisologo B. Manongas
Liturgical Apostolate: Fr. Alfredo M. Alabado, Sr. Ma. Wilhelmina M. Barcos, OSB
Catholic Faith Defender: Fr. Jude A. Duncombe
Biblical Apostolate: Fr. Adlai S. Barre, Sr. Ma. Johanna L. Bernabe, OSB

Social Services
SAC: Fr. Adriano J. Ruiz, Jr.
Health & Hospital Care: Fr. Adlai S. Barre
Prisoners’ Welfare Care: Fr. Adlai S. Barre

Social Communications
Commission on Social Communication
Fr. Jude Duncombe
Tel.: 991-5232; 992-4380
DXVP Radio Station
Fr. Jude Duncombe
Tel.: 991-5232; 992 4380

Ecumenism & Inter-Religious Dialogue
Office for Ecumenism & Inter- Religious Dialogue: Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF
Tel.: 992-3086
SIL SILAH CENTER /Harmony Village: Fr. Sebastiano D’Ambra, PIME
Tel.: 991-5663
Emmaus Dialogue Center:
Mrs. Aminda Saño
Tel.: 991-5663

Catholic Women’s League: Msgr. Peter Garces
Children of Mary: Msgr. Dominador Dagondon
Bukas Loob sa Diyos: Fr. Maximo Campo
Daughters of Mary Immaculate:
Fr. Moises M. Cuevas
Knights of Columbus
Legion of Mary: Fr. Amado Jose P. Vaño
Mother Butler’s Mission Guild: Fr. Francis V. Jacinto

Immaculate Conception Vicariate
Vicar Forane: Fr. Adrian U. Barcelo
Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, (F-1816) La Purisima St., 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-3308
Titular: Immaculate Conception, Dec. 08
Parish Priest: ________________
Parish Administrators: Team Ministry of Msgr. Crisologo B. Manongas, Msgr. Peter Garces, Fr. Cantico Muñoz, Fr. Emmanuel Rodriguez
Resident Priest: Msgr. Joseph Kung
Guiwan (F- 1997) , Guiwan 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 992-5037; 991-2579
Titular: Our Mother of Perpetual Help
Parish Priest: Fr. Sulpicio S. Soliva, Jr.
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Rizalino Francisco
Purik (F-1991), Putik 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-5035
Titular: St. Anthony of Padua, June 13
Parish Priest: Fr. Teofilo Pimentel
St. Joseph (Chinese Comm unity Parish), (F- 1954) Nuñez St., 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-1657
Titular: St. Joseph. Spouse of the BVM, March 19
Parish Priest: Fr. Adrian U. Barcelo
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Michael Ufana
Talon-Talon (F- 1992), Talon-Talon, 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 992-4236
Titular: San Isidro Labrador, May 15
Parish Priest: Msgr. Arnold dela Serna
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Rene Tubio
Tetuan, (F- 1836) Tetuan, 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 993-1431
Titular: St. Ignatius of Loyola, July 31
Parish Priest: Fr. Marciano Villagracia
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Gilbert Qui-qui
Tugbungan (F-1987) Tugbungan 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-0502
Titular: Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage, (Movable feast)
Parish Priest: Msgr. Dominador Dagondon
Divisoria (F-2003) Divisoria, 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 984-0645
Titular: Divine Mercy Parish
Parish Priest: Fr. Francis Edwin Jacinto

Our Lady of the Rosary Vicariate
Vicar Forane: Msgr. Luis Araneta
Bolong (F-1674), Bolong 7000 Zamboanga City
Titular: Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, 1st Sunday of Oct.
Parish Priest: Fr. Jonanthan Duka
Bunguiao (F-1993) Bunguiao 7000 Zamboanga City
Titular: Our Lady of Lourdes, Feb. 11
Parish Priest: Fr. Mercedito Salatan
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Joel Malcampo
Culianan (1993) Culianan 7000 Zambonaga City
Titular: Our Lady of Assumption, Aug. 15
Parish Priest: Fr. Arnold Felix Manalo
Curuan (F-1984), Curuan 7000 Zamboanga City
Titular: St. Stanislaus of Kostka, Nov. 13
Parish Priest: Fr. Ricardo Borbajo
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Argeo Justol
Manicahan (F-1867), Manicahan 7000 Zamboanga City
Titular: Our Lady of Fatima, May 13
Parish Priest: Fr. Sergio dela Noche
Mercedes (F-1891) Mercedes, 7000 Zambonaga City
Titular: Our Lady of Ransom, Sept. 24
Parish Priest: Msgr. Luis Araneta
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Ben Villaflores, Fr. Froilan Penuela
Sangali (F-1992) Sangali, 7000 Zamboanga City
Titular: St. Joseph the Worker, May 01
Parish Priest: Fr. Mateo Caay
Vitali (F-1963) Vitali 7000 Zamboanga City
Titular: Our Lady of Pillar, Oct. 12
Parish Priest: Fr. Jonathan Berdejo
Parochial Vicars: Fr. Ferdinand Marquez

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Vicariate
Vicar Forane: Fr. Adriano Ruiz, Jr.
Pasonanca (F-1992), Pasonanca 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 992-77-85
Titular: Holy Trinity, Movable Feast
Parish Priest: Fr. Reynaldo Francisco
Sta. Maria (F-1935), Sta. Maria 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-3233
Titular: Our Lady of Purification, Feb. 02
Parish Parish: Fr. Moises Cuevas
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Mariano delas Peñas
Tumaga (F-1997), Tumaga 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 992-0101
Titular: Our Lady of Manaoag of the Holy Rosary, 1st Saturday of May
Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Gementiza
Labuan (F-1988), Labuan 7000 Zamboanga City
Titular: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Nov. 27
Parish Priest: Fr. Luino Alejandro
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Jechonias Bacolod
Ayala (F-1871), Ayala 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 982-0029
Titular: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, July 16
Parish Priest: Fr. Amado Jose Vaño
Parochial Vicars: Fr. Rene A. Rivero, Fr. Jupiter Morales
Southcom Village (F-1992), Upper Calarian 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 992-3408
Titular: Our Lady of Peñafrancia, 3rd Saturday of Sept.
Parish Priest: Fr. Alfredo Alabado
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Romeo Tocop
Claret (F-1974), San Jose Road, 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-1582
Titular: San Antonio Ma. Claret, Oct. 24
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Angel Angeles, CMF
San Roque (F-2001), San Roque 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 985-0133
Titular: San Roque, Aug. 16
Parish Priest: Fr. Adriano Ruiz, Jr.
Sinunuc, Sinunuc, Zamboanga City
Titular: Transfiguration
Parish Priest: Fr. Nevio Vigano, PIME

Santuario de la Virgen del Pilar, Oct. 12
Pettit Barracks, Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-6261
Administrator: Fr. Ferdinand M. Candido

Pastor Bonus Seminary
Fr. Ramon Barua, SJ street, Tetuan, Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-2880
Rector: Fr. Maximo A. Campo
Dean of Seminarians: Fr. Filmore Jose Calibo
Spiritual Director: Fr. William Quiamjot
Econome: Fr. Maximo Campo
Asst. Econome: Fr. Ellery Roy Galvez
Bishop’s Residence Priests
Fr. Hilario Gador, Fr. Elmer Sumile, Fr. Ferdinand Candido

Medical Rest
Msgr. Luis Araneta

Special Apostolate
San Ramon & Penal Farm, San Ramon 7000 Zamboanga City
Chaplain: Fr. Jose M. Gutierez
Hospital and Health Care Apostolate, Centro Pastoral, Gov. Camins Ave., 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 992-7668
Chaplain: Fr. Adlai S. Barre
St. Francis House, Pasonanca, Zamboanga City
Chaplain: Fr. Arthur Winikoff

Priests in Other Dioceses in the Philippines
Fr. Paul Cinco, Fr. Edilberto Gabales, Fr. Albino Madrazo III

Priest in Other Dioceses outside the Philippines
Fr. Rogelio Madrazo

On Study Leave
Fr. Archie Arthur Faustino (USA)
Fr. Ramon Saavedra (USA)
Fr. Abraham Alonzo (USA)
Fr. Jovelito Palermo (Manila)

On Leave
Fr. Francisco Barcelo

Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CMF)
Pontifical Institute for Foreign Mission (PIME)
Society of Jesus (SJ)

Handmaids of the Divine Heart (Spinola Sistera) (ADC)
Daughters of St. Paul ( FSP)
Living the Gospel Community (LGC)
Missionary Sisters of St. Anthony Ma. Claret (MC)
Mercedarian Missionary of Berriz (MMB)
Order of the Blessed Virgin of Mt. Mt. Carmel (OCD) (Discalced Carmelites-Contemplatives)
Congregation of the Benedictine Sisters of the Eucharistic King (OSB)
Oblates of Notre Dame (OND)
Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary (OP)
Religious of Mary Immaculate Claretian Missionary Sisters (RMICM)
Religious the Virgin Mary (RVM)
Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (SFIC)
Missionary Sisters of the Queen of the Apostles (SRA)

Ateneo de Zamb oanga, La Purisima Street 7000 Zamboanga city
Tel.: 991-1151; 991-0871
Rector/President: Fr. Antonio Moreno, SJ
Jesuit Fathers: Fr. Aureo Nepomuceno, Fr. Salvador Wee, Fr. Romeo Serrato, Fr. Nicomedes Yatco, Fr. Michael Moga, Fr. Jose T. Bacatan, Fr. Francisco R. Bustamante, Fr. Edwin Gabriel Ma. U, Castillo, Fr. Florencio R. Cuerquis, Fr. Wilfredo M. Samson
Pilar College, RT Lim Blvd. 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-1098; 991-5410
Directress: Sr. Andrea Yee, RVM
Sisters: Sr. Ma. Josefina Lledo, RVM, Sr. Ma. Dorothea Aranjuez, RVM, Sr. Ma. Sheilla Marie Zerrudo, RVM, Sr. Ma. Estela Biliran, RVM, Sr. Ma. Erlinda Cruz, RVM
St. Joseph School, Gov. Camins Rd., 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-6275
Director: Fr. Aloysius Chang
Asst. Directors: Fr. Joseph Duan
Claret High School, San Jose Rd., 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-1118
Director: Fr. Mauricio Ulep, CMF
Immaculate Conception Archdiocesan School de Tetuan, Tetuan, 7000 Zambaonga City
Tel.: 991-2490
Director: Msgr. David Alonzo
Immaculate Conception Elementary School, M. Natividad Street, Tetuan 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-5232
Director: Fr. Jude Duncombe
Immaculate Conception Archdiocesan School de Calarian, Upper Calarian, 7000 Zamboanga City
Tel.: 991-3136
Director: Fr. Leh C. Taib
Immaculate Conception Archdiocesa School (Kindergarten)
Director: Fr. Mateo Caay


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