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Dioecesis Balangensis                                                                                                  Balanga

Suffragan of San Fernando, Pampanga

Created: March 17, 1975. Canonically Erected: November 7, 1975. Comprises
the whole civil province of Bataan. Titular: St. Joseph, Husband of
Mary, April 28.


Most Reverend
Born: October 30, 1957. Ordained priest: Sept. 10, 1983.
Appointed bishop: April 1, 2010. Ordained bishop: June
24, 2010. Installed fourth bishop: July 8, 2010.
Bahay Obispo
No. 41 Paterno St. Poblacion
Balanga 2100 Bataan
Tel.: (047) 237-9955

Past Bishops

Most Rev. Socrates B. Villegas, DD
Appointed: May 3, 2004; Installed: July 3, 2004
Most Rev. Honesto F. Ontioco, DD
Appointed: April 8, 1998
Most Rev. Celso N. Guevarra, DD
Appointed: June 4, 1975
Present Status
Diocesan Personnel:
Bishop… …………………… 1
Diocesan Priests … …………41
In Active …………………31
Retired but still Active…… 2
Out of the Diocese… …… 2
Out of the Country……… 7
Filipino Religious Priests
in Pastoral Work… ………20
Filipino Religious Deacon…… 1
Foreign Religious Priests …… 2
Filipino Religious in
Academic Institute
(Letran)… ……………… 5
Religious Sisters:
Filipinos… ………………37
Foreigners… ……………14
Minor Seminarians ……… 1
Senior High School …………17
Philosophy ……………… 5
Theology ………………… 8
Diocesan Divisions:
Districts……………………… 2
Vicariates …………………… 4
Parishes … …………………36
Quasi-Parish………………… 1
Chaplaincy … ……………… 1
Shrines… …………………… 5
Chapels…………………… 245
Diocesan Schools … ……… 9
High School……………… 8
Enrolment… …… 4,807
Elementary……………… 7
Enrolment ……… 1,358
Pre-Elem.………………… 7
Enrolment … ……… 414
Other Institutions:
Clinic (Klinika ni San Jose)…… 1
Retreat Centers ……………… 2
Catechetical Center ………… 1
Pastoral Centers (Chancery
Divisions)………………… 6
Home for the Aged
(Bahay Puso)… ………… 1
Formation Centers … ……… 2
Seminary… ………………… 1
Sacraments and Sacramentals:
Children… …………14, 464
Adults ………………… 379
Confirmations… ……… 10,297
First Communion……… 8,571
Between Catholics… … 943
Mixed (Catholic and
Non - Catholic) … …… 6
Anointing of the Sick…… 2,515
Deaths… ……………… 2,708
(NSO, 2015 Statistics)…… 760,650
Household……………… 126,634
Catholics………………… 608,520
Area ……………………1,373 km2

Diocesan Curia
Cathedral Parish of St. Joseph Balanga 2100 Bataan
Tel./Fax: (047) 237-3226 and (047) 237-5705
Website Address: www.balangadiocese.com
Vicar General: Fr. Josue V. Enero
Oeconomus: Fr. Antonio M. Quintos Jr.
Chancellor: Fr. Percival V. Medina
Vice Chancellor: Fr. Regin L. Tenorio
Administrative Section
Diocesan Presbyteral Council
Chairman: Most Rev. Ruperto C. Santos DD - Bishop
Fr. Josue V. Enero (Vicar General),
Fr. Antonio Quintos Jr. (Oeconomus),
Fr. Percival V. Medina (Chancellor),
Fr. Regin Tenorio (Vice-Chancellor)
Fr. Mario A. Margallo (Vicar Forane)
Fr. Jefferson A. Paule, (Vicar Forane),
Fr. Felizardo D. Sevilla (Vicar Forane),
Fr. Santos S. Detablan (Vicar Forane),
Msgr. Antonio S. Dumaual (BEC-KRISMA),
Fr. Noel Nuguid (Youth),
Fr. Rosauro V. Guila (DSOB Superintendent),
Msgr. Mario M. Perez (Clergy),
Msgr. Remigio R. Hizon Jr. (Social Action),
Fr. Cyril Jalandoon, MMHC (Religious),
Fr. Ernesto B. de Leon (Catechesis),
Fr. Milver R. Cruz (Liturgy),
Fr. Abraham Pantig (Vocation),
Fr. Fernando Loreto (Family & Life)
Chancery and Financial Staff
Property Custodians: Mr. Prudencio M. Estrella
Internal Auditors:
Miss Perla N. Balon,
Miss Anita Castro
Bookkeeper: Mrs. Sharon C. Simbul
Accountant: Mr. Adonis D. Talaugon
Secretary: Miss Mary Leonila D. Enriquez
Miss Anita Castro
Mrs. Belen Esteban
Vicars Forane
Vicariate of St. Peter of Verona: Fr. Santos S. Detablan
Vicariate of St. Dominic de Guzman: Fr. Jefferson A. Paule
Vicariate of Our Lady of the Pillar: Fr. Mario A. Margallo
Vicariate of St. Michael Archangel: Fr. Felizardo Sevilla
Judiciary Section - Advocate: Msgr. Hernando B. Guanzon, JCD
Clergy Affairs: Msgr. Mario M. Perez
Religious Affairs: Fr. Cyril Jalandoon, MMHC


Matrimonial Tribunal
(Created and Decreed on December 27, 2015)
Virgen Milagrosa Del Santo
Rosario College Seminary
Bahay-Puso Compound, Upper Tuyo, Balanga City 2100, Bataan
Rev. Msgr. Hernando B. Guanzon,
JCD - Judicial Vicar/Judge
Rev. Fr. Antonio M. Quintos Jr. - Defender of the Bond
Rev. Fr. Percival V. Medina - Notary

Commission On Liturgy: Director - Fr. Milver R. Cruz; Mother Butler
Diocesan President: Ms. Elena
Jaring; All Chairpersons/Coordinators of Liturgical Worship
Committee in all the Parishes
Commission on Education: On Diocesan
Schools: Superintendent - Fr. Rosauro V. Guila; Members: All
Directors of Diocesan Schools
On Catechesis: Fr. Ernesto de Leon,
Director; Sr. Eleanor Agutaya, MCST, Diocesan Coordinator;
Members: All Chairperson/Coordinators of Committee on
Education on all the Parishes of the Diocese
On Biblical Apostolate: Director - Fr. Markjill A. Manalili,
Diocesan Coordinator - Ms. Leah Arma,
and Bibliarasal Apostolates
Family and Life Apostolate Director:
Director - Fr. Fernando A. Loreto,
Diocesan Coordinator - Mrs. Luz Dispo, Pre-Cana givers; Family ministries
On Migrants Ministry: Spiritual Director: Fr. Edilbert S. Pomer,
Diocesan and Parish Coordinators
Prex-Alagad: Msgr. Antonio S. Dumaual,
Director, and ALAGAD
chairpersons, leaders, speakers,
secretariat, and facilitators Commission on Social Services and Development, Alay-Kapwa, Indigenous
Peoples, PPC Responsible Voting:
Director - Msgr. Remigio R. Hizon Jr. and all Social Action leaders in parishes
Bahay Puso Home for the Aged, managed by St. Paul the Chartres: Sr. Mary Philip Galeno, SPC, Superior
For Disaster Response: Fr. Mario A. Margallo, Youth and parish volunteers
Environmental Concerns: Fr. Gregorio P. Jorge, and parish advocates
For Jail Apostolate: Director - Fr. Antonio D. Bernaldo, and volunteers
Social Communications: Director - Fr. Maximo D. Villanueva Jr.
Pontifical Mission Societies: Director
- Fr. Santos S. Detablan, and volunteers
Krisma (BEC) Formation:
Msgr. Antonio S. Dumaual, Episcopal Vicar;
Fr. Jason Balan, (Assistant BEC Director for Diocesan);
Fr. Antonio P. Bayod, MSC (Assistant BEC Director for Religious)
Diocesan Youth Ministry: Director - Fr Noel Nuguid, Youth Minister(DYMC) -
Sr. Regina Ignacio, SFI; DYM Coordinator - April
Simeon and youth leaders per vicariates and parishes
Youth Campus Ministers: Director -
Fr. Eugene Suelan, MMHC;
Fr. Cyril Jalandoon, MMHC;
Fr. Simon Catatista, MMHC;
Franciscan Immaculatine Sisters,
Daughters of the Sacred Heart Vocations and Ministry of Altar Servers:
Director - Fr. Abraham
SP Pantig; Assistant - Fr. Jess Navoa;
BAKAS Seminarians Ministry to the Sick and Healing: Director
- Fr. Norman De Leon,
Members: Presidents of parishes Ministry to the Sick and Chaplains of Hospitals
Commission For Diocesan Church And Rectory Construction -
headed by Most Rev. Ruperto C. Santos, DD;
Assistants to the Bishop for Construction -
Fr. Antonio Quintos,
Fr. Regin Tenorio,
Fr. Ernesto De Leon


Apostleship of Prayer: Spiritual Director - Fr. Ramon G. Mariano;
Diocesan A.P. President - Mrs.
Neth Singson, and other Parish leaders
El Shaddai Prayer Groups:
Director: Fr. Norman E. De Leon;
Members: El Shaddai Diocesan Officers, and Parish Coordinators
Adoration Nocturna Filipina: Spiritual
Director - Fr. Antonio D. Bernaldo;
Diocesan President - Bro. Elmer Ortiguerra
Catholic Women’s League: Director
- Fr. Felizardo D. Sevilla; Diocesan
President - Ms. Josefina D. Tolentino
Mother Butler Mission Guild: Spiritual
Director - Fr. Milver R. Cruz;
Diocesan President - Ms. Elena
Jaring; Assistant - Ms. Emma Salazar
Legion of Mary: Spiritual Director - Fr.
Jesus R. Navoa; Lay leader - Ms. Linda Gatdula
Children of Mary Immaculate (COMI):
Spiritual Director - Fr. Jhoen B.
Buenaventura; Diocesan President - Mrs. Sally Raya
Knights of Columbus and Daughters of Mary Immaculate: Spiritual Director
- Fr. Mario A. Margallo,
Assembly and Council Heads;
Diocesan Presidents -
GK Clodualdo Fernandez
Dame Rosario Redulla
Couples for Christ: Spiritual Director - Fr. Jefferson A. Paule; Diocesan
Heads -
Mr. Dixie Banzon,
Mrs. Arlene Banzon
Spiritual Director-Fr. Jose Cremona; Diocesan
Head Couple - Mr. and Mrs. Noel & Jujy Lintag
Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) -
Spiritual Director - Fr. Fernando
Loreto; Regional Minister - Mrs. Herminia Reyes
Prayer and Life Workshop (PLW):
Spiritual Director - Fr. Percival V.
Medina; Facilitator Head - Atty.
Renato Bagay, PLW Leaders and Guides
Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites:
Diocesan President - Sis. Perlita Serrano and other members
Third Order of Carmel: Diocesan
President - Mrs. Luz Dispo and members
Dominican Laity:
Ms. Julie Salas;
Mr. Harold Espeleta and other members
Diocesan Pastoral Council
President - Mr. Renato Sangalang;
Vice President - Mrs. Nona Dizon;
Secretary - Ms. Erlinda Gatdula;
Treasurer - Mr. Dixie Banzon;
Auditor - Mr. Alden Fernandez
Vicariate coordinators:
St. Peter of Verona - Mr. Benito Pastorelo;
St. Dominic de Guzman - Mr. Ruben Bacbakin, Sr.;
Our Lady of the Pillar - Mr. Renato Sangalang;
St. Michael de Archangel:
Ms. Adoracion Apolinario;
Mr. Efren Rueda
Coordinators of Religious Organizations:
Priestly - Dra. Vilma Diuco
(MCST Lay Cooperators), Ms. Fe
Andrade (Apostolado ng Panalangin)
and Mrs. Sally Raya,
(COMI); Pastor - Mrs. Rosario
Redulla (DMI) and Mrs. Josefina
Tolentino (CWL), Mr. Clodualdo
Fernandez (KC); Prophet - Ms.
Corazon Espiritu (El Shaddai),
Mr. and Mrs. Dixie & Arlene
Banzon (CFC), and Ms. Erlinda
Gatdula (Legion of Mary)
Members - All the Diocesan Heads
of Religious Organizations, and
all Vice Presidents of Parish
Pastoral Councils
Officers: President - Mr. Carlos Mateo;
Vice President - Dr. Ramil
Pizarro; Secretary - Ms. Corazon
Malibiran; Treasurer - Ms. Sonia
Magtanong; Auditor -
Mr. Florencio Lucio & Mr. Antonio Perez;
Mr. Jimmy Castillo,
Ms. Josefina Tolentino
Board of Directors:
Engr. Oscar B. Banzon,
Mrs. Lourdes DL. Valdecañas,
Mrs. Ester B. Paguio,
Dr. Salud Bagalso,
Mrs. Amelia A. Anastacio,
Engr. Celso V. Valdecañas,
Mrs. Rosanna B. Dizon,
Dr. Cynthia T. Guevarra,
Ms. Cecilia Abanzon,
Mr. Eduardo Tuazon,
Mrs. Milagros Banzon,
Ms. Zenaida Banzon,
Ms. Teresita Pizarro,
Mrs. Teresita Ortiguerra,
Ms. Zosima Pizarro,
Mr. Orlando Aquende,
Mr. Manuel Camacho
Vicariate of St. Peter of Verona:
Ms. Corazon Cortez, Ms. Len Un
Vicariate of St. Dominic: Ms. Erlinda
San Miguel, Sis. Rosario Cacho
Vicariate of Our Lady of the Pillar:
Ms. Susan Mendoza, Mrs.
Nette Malibiran, Ms. Agnes de Leon
Vicariate of St. Michael: Ms. Aurora
Cruz, Ms. Lilia Amante
Professionals: Dr. Ramil Pizarro,
Ms. Sonia Magtanong
Government Officials:
Congressman Jose Enrique Garcia III,
Mayor Ana Santiago
Business Sector:
Mr. Geronimo Rueda,
Mr. Carlos Mateo
Ex-officio / Heads of Mandated
Organizations - Knights of Columbus:
Mr. Antonio Perez,
Mr. Florencio Lucio
Daughters of Mary Immaculate:
Mrs. Eleanor Magpantay,
Mrs. Digna Banzon
Mrs. Josefina Tolentino,
Ms. Margarita Pascua
Couples for Christ:
Mr. Jimmy Castillo,
Ms. Jenny Cruz
El Shaddai:
Ms. Ester Collera,
Ms. Erlie Siasat
MBMG - Mother Butler Mission
Guild: Mrs. Fely Cruz, Ms. Crispina Montal


Vicariate of St. Peter of Verona
Parish Of St. John The Baptist, Dinalupihan 2110 Bataan (E-1865)
4 Chapels
Tel.: (047) 636 - 1796
Pop.: 29,249; Cath.: 17,438
Titular: St. John The Baptist,
June 24
Parish Priest: Fr. Santos S. Detablan
Parish of St. Joseph, New San Jose, Dinalupihan 2110 Bataan (E-Dec. 12, 2005)
6 Chapels
Pop.: 8,000; Cath.: 6,400
Titular: St. Joseph, March 19
Parish Priest: Fr. Edgardo A. Bayani, OSJ
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Jose Eugenio delos Santos, OSJ
Parish of St. Catherine of Alexandria,
Paggalanggang, Dinalupihan
2100 Bataan. (Est 2005)
Pop.: 10,200; Cath.: 9,180
3 Chapels
Titular: St. Catherine of Alexandria,
Nov. 25
Parish Priest: Fr. Joseph S. Cremona, MSSP
Parish Of Our Lady of Lourdes, Colo,
Dinalupihan, 2110 Bataan (EFeb. 10, 1985)
Pop.: 15,986; Cath.: 14,387
12 Chapels
Titular: Our Lady Of Lourdes,
February 11
Parish Priest: Fr. Markjill A. Manalili
Parish of St. Jerome Emiliani, Roosevelt,
Dinalupihan 2100 Bataan (E-Sept. 27, 2005)
Pop.: 17,500; Cath.: 14,000
7 Chapels; Titular: St. Jerome
Emiliani, 3rd Sunday of Feb.
Parish Priest: Fr. John F. Valenzuela, CRS
Parish of Saint Raymund Nonnatus,
San Ramon, Dinalupihan, 2110
Bataan (E-June 25,1994)
Pop.: 15,113; Cath.: 13,144
6 Chapels
Titular: St. Raymond Nonatus,
August 31
Parish Priest: Fr. Ramon G. Mariano
Parish of the Holy Family, Balsik, Hermosa,
2111 Bataan (E-Dec. 5, 1990)
Pop.: 12,599; Cath.: 10,957
5 Chapels
Titular: Holy Family, Last Sunday Of December
Parish Priest: Fr. Jesus R. Navoa
Parish of St. Peter Verona, Hermosa 2111 Bataan (E-1756)
Tel.: (047) 633-0904
Pop.: 21,924; Cath.: 19,067
5 Chapels
Titular: St. Peter of Verona, May 3
Parish Priest: Fr. Antonio M. Quintos Jr.
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Anthony R. Sibug
Quasi-Parish of St. Pope John Paul II,
Culis, Hermosa, 2111, Bataan
(E-Dec. 30, 2013)
Pop.: 4200; Cath.: 3800
5 Chapels
Parish Priest: Fr. Antonio M. Quintos Jr.
Vicariate Of St. Dominic De Guzman
Parish of St. John Evangelist, Tapulao, Orani 2112 Bataan (E-July 16, 1994)
Pop.: 10,799; Cath.: 9,390
3 Chapels
Titular: St. John the Evangelist Dec. 27
Parish Priest: Fr. Jefferson A. Paule
Parish of St. Josephine Bakhita, Tala Orani 2112 Bataan (E-June 27, 2006)
Pop.: 8,000; Cath.: 7,200
5 Chapels
Titular: St. Josephine Bakhita,
2nd Sunday of February
Parish Priest: Fr. Rolando Perfecto, FDCC
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Mateo Suarez, FDCC
Diocesan Shrine and Parish of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Orani 2112 Bataan (E-April 21, 1714)
Pop.: 39,066; Cath.: 33,957
14 Chapels
Titular: Virgen Milagrosa Del
Rosario Del Pueblo De Orani, 2nd Sunday Of October; (Declared as a Diocesan Shrine on April 18, 1986 by Bishop Celso Guevarra, DD)
Parish Priest: Fr. Abraham SP Pantig
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Jason Balan
Parish of St. Catherine of Siena, Samal, 2113 Bataan (E-June 15, 1596)
Tel.: (047) 633-1086
Pop.: 16,741; Cath.: 11,581
8 Chapels
Titular: St. Catherine of Siena,
April 30
Parish Priest: Msgr. Mario M. Perez
Parish of St. Vincent Ferrer, Calaguiman,
Samal 2113 Bataan (E-April 5, 1999)
Tel.: (047) 451-2051
Pop.: 12,400; Cath.: 7,860
1 Chapel
Titular: St. Vincent of Ferrer,
April 5 but fiesta is May 5
Parish Priest: Fr. Reggie M. Alboro
Parish of St. Antonine of Florence,
Mabatang, Abucay, 2114 Bataan
(E-Feb. 15, 1999)
Tel.: (047) 237-3048
Pop.: 9,100; Cath.: 7,900
2 Chapels
Titular: St. Anthonine of Florence, May 10
Parish Priest: Fr. Milver R. Cruz
Parish of St. Dominic De Guzman, Abucay, 2114 Bataan (E-June 10, 1588)
Tel.: (047) 237-3830
Pop.: 22,849; Cath.: 19,501
3 Chapels
Titular: St. Dominic de Guzman, August 8
Parish Priest: Fr. ’
Parish of St. Thomas Aquinas, Bangkal Abucay, 2114 Bataan (E-2005)
Pop.: 11,000; Cath.: 6,600
6 Chapels
Titular: St. Thomas Aquinas,
Last Sunday of January
Parish Priest: Fr. Antonio Bayod, MSC
Vicariate Of Our Lady Of The Pillar
Diocesan Shrine and Cathedral Parish of St. Joseph, Balanga, 2100 Bataan (E-April 18, 1739)
Tel.: (047) 237-0215; (047) 237-3595
Pop.: 37,389; Cath.: 32,517
19 Chapels
Titular: St. Joseph, Husband of
Mary, April 28 (Declared Diocesan
Shrine on March 19, 2015 by Bishop Ruperto C. Santos,DD)
Parish Priest: Fr. Ernesto B. De Leon
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Regin L. Tenorio
Parish of Immaculate Conception, Puerto Rivas, Balanga 2100 Bataan
(E-Nov. 29,1980)
Tel.: (047) 237-0298
Pop.: 10,143; Cath.: 8,819
4 Chapels
Titular: Immaculate Conception, December 8
Parish Priest: Fr. Cyril Jalandoon, MMHC
Parochial Vicars:
Fr. Eugene Suelan, MMHC;
Fr. Simon Catatista, MMHC
Parish of Sto. Cristo, Cupang, Balanga,
2100 Bataan (E-Nov. 30, 1996)
Tel.: (047) 237-0831
Pop.: 14,364; Cath.: 12,047
1 Chapel
Titular: Sto. Cristo, Last Sunday of May
Parish Priest: Fr. Edgardo Sigua
Diocesan Shrine of the Divine Mercy,
Roman Hi-Way, Munting Batangas, Balanga, 2100 Bataan (E-April 7, 2012 Declared Diocesan Shrine by Bishop Ruperto C. Santos, DD)
Feastday: Sunday after Easter Sunday
Rector: Fr. Antonio D. Bernaldo
Parish Of Our Lady Of The Pillar, Pilar 2101 Bataan (E-March 10, 1801)
Tel.: (047) 633-5176
Pop.: 27,908; Cath; 24,270
7 Chapels; Titular: Our Lady Of the Pillar, October 12
Parish Priest: Fr. Edilbert S. Pomer
Parish Of San Isidro, Nagwaling, Pilar,Bataan (E-Oct. 27, 2004)
Tel.: (047) 935-2374
Pop.: 1,500 ; Cath.: 1350
9 Chapels
Titular: San Isidro May 15
Parish Priest: Fr. Lee Leonida, OSJ
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Edmund Jorge, OSJ
Parish of St. Francis Xavier, Parang Bagac 2107 Bataan (E-March 2, 1980)
Pop.: 7,236; Cath.: 6,293
Titular: Saint Francis of Xavier,
1st Sunday of December
Parish Priest: Fr. Ranny Rodriguez, RCJ
Parochial Vicars:
Fr. Ricardo V. Caperina, RCJ;
Rev. Jonrey T. Lauron, RCJ (Collaborator);
Fr. John Youn, RCJ (Special Apostolate to the Aetas)
Diocesan Shrine and Parish of St.
Catherine of Alexandria, Bagac, 2107, Bataan (E-1873)
Pop.: 16,519; Cath.: 14,366
2 Chapels
Titular: St. Catherine of Alexandria, November 25
Parish Priest: Fr. Noel C. Nuguid
Parish Of san Vicente Ferrer, Saysain,Bagac 2107 Bataan (E-March 27, 2005)
Pop.: 9,000; Cath.: 7,650
7 Chapels
Titular: San Vicente Ferrer, April 5 (but fiesta is third Saturday of
April yearly as agreed upon)
Parish Priest: Fr. Edgar Cayanan, OCarm
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Dionisio Ramos, OCarm
Parish of Our Lady of the Pillar, Morong, 2108 Bataan (E-1607)
Pop.: 12,646; Cath.: 10,700
4 Chapels
Tel.: (047) 612-1677
Titular: Our Lady of the Pillar, October 12
Parish Priest: Fr. Mario A. Margallo
Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes, Nagbalayong,Morong, 2108 Bataan
(E-July 30, 2012)
Pop.: 6323 Cath.: 6000
6 Chapels
Titular: Our Lady of Lourdes,
February 11
Parish Priest: Fr. Fernando Loreto
Vicariate Of St. Michael The Archangel
Parish of Sts. Peter and Paul, Calungusan,Orion, 2102 Bataan(E-June 29, 1999)
Tel.: (047) 244-5588
Pop.: 18,000; Cath.: 16,300
4 Chapels
Titular: St Peter and Paul, June 29
Parish Priest: Msgr. Hernando B. Guanzon Parish of St. Michael the Archangel, Orion, 2102 Bataan (E-April 30, 1667)
Tel.: (047) 244-5389
Pop.: 40,485; Cath.: 36,477
14 Chapels
Titular: St. Michael the Archangel
(Sept. 29, Town Fiesta May 8 Parish Priest: Fr. Percival V. Medina Parish of St. Francis of Assisi, Limay, 2103 Bataan (E-1930)
Tel.: (047) 633-3097
Pop.: 29,978; Cath.: 26,440
17 Chapels
Titular: St. Francis of Assisi, October 4
Parish Priest: Fr. Felizardo D. Sevilla
Parish Shrine Of St. Roche, Lamao, Limay, 2104 Bataan (E-Nov. 9,1994)
Tel.: (047) 633-9730
Pop.: 11,957; Cath.: 10,546
5 Chapels
Titular: St. Roche, August 16
(Declared Diocesan Shrine on
August 16, 2014 by Bishop Ruperto C. Santos, DD)
Parish Priest: Fr. Norman de Leon Parish of St. Joseph, the Worker, Cabcaben, Mariveles, 2103 Bataan (E-1930)
Tel.: (047) 633-0129
Pop.: 27,653; Cath.: 23,698
3 Chapels; Titular: St. Joseph
the Worker, May 1
Parish Priest: Msgr. Remigio R. Hizon Jr.
Parish of St. Gemma Galgani, Mt. View, Mariveles, 2103 Bataan (E-April 5, 2012)
Tel.: (047)633-1189
Pop.: 10,800; Cath.: 9,180
15 Chapels
Titular: St. Gemma of Galgani, April 11 but fiesta is May 16 (Parish)
Parish Priest: Fr. Jhoen B. Buenaventura
Parish of the Immaculate Conception, Alion, Batangas II, Mariveles 2103 Bataan (E-May 16, 2005)
Pop.: 11,390; Cath.: 10,165
4 Chapels; Titular: Immaculate
Conception, December 8
Parish Priest: Fr. Joseph Alesna, CP
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Locarno Anor, CP
Parish of Sto. Niño, Alas Asin, Mariveles 2103 Bataan (E-Nov. 7, 2004)
Pop.: 20,258; Cath.: 14,256
14 Chapels
Titular: Sto. Niño, 3rd Sun. of
Parish Priest: Fr. Arnold Rosal, OSJ
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Ryan Mullon, OSJ
Parish of Saint Nicholas Tolentine, Mariveles, 2105 Bataan (E-1578)
Tel.: (047) 935-6454
Pop.: 42,347; Cath.: 36,282
8 Chapels
Titular: St. Nicholas of Tolentino, September 10
Parish Priest: Fr. Gerardo Gregorio P. Jorge
Chaplaincy of Our Lady of Fatima, AFAB, Mariveles, 2105, Bataan (E-August 6, 1978)
Tel.: (047) 935-6510
Pop.: 10,685; Cath.: 9,157
Titular: Our Lady of Fatima, May 13
Chaplain: Fr. Rene P. De Leon
Priests Outside of the Diocese Msgr. Henry D. Gueco (Manila);
Fr. Carmelino Alvendia (Batangas)

Priests Outside of the Country
Fr. Robert Florido (CA),
Fr. Maximo Omaña,
Fr. Victor Tadeo (NJ),
Fr. Camilo Pacanza (SF);
Fr. Maximo D. Villanueva (NY);
Fr. Michael Tria (Chicago);
Australia: Fr. Alwin B. Bobis (Study-Leave)

Institutes of Consecrated Life/Societies of Apostolic life

Congregation Of The Sisters Of St.Paul The Chartres (SPC)
Daughters Of St. Dominic (OP)
Daughters Of The Sacred Heart (DSH)
Franciscan Immaculatine Sisters (SFI)
Franciscan Sisters Of The Heart Of Jesus (FCJ)
Franciscan Sisters Of The Immaculate
Conception Of The Holy Mother Of God (SFIC)
Franciscan Sisters Of The Immaculate (FSI)
Hospitaler Sisters Of Mercy (SOM)
Missionary Catechists Of St. Therese Of The Infant Jesus (MCST)
Religious Of Sta. Mariana De Jesus Institute (RM)
Congregation Of St. Catherine Virgin Martyr (CSC)
Sisters Of Notre Dame (SND)
Poor Clare Sisters (OSC)

Oblates Of St. Joseph (OSJ)
Clergy Regular Of Somasca (CRS)
Congregation Of The Passion Of Christ (CP)
Missionary Society Of St. Paul (MSSP)
Congregation Of The Canossian
Sons Of Charity (Fdcc)
Marian Missionaries Of The Holy Cross (MMHC)
Missionaries Of The Sacred Heart (MSC)
Order Of Carmelites (Ocarm)
Rogationists Of The Heart Of Jesus (RCJ)
Order Of Preachers (OP)
La Salle Brothers (FSC)


Cathedral Parish of St. Joseph
Balanga 2100 Bataan
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Telfax: (047) 234-9394
Superintendent: Fr. Rosauro V. Guila
Oeconomus: Fr. Antonio M. Quintos Jr.
Internal Auditors:
Miss Perla N. Balon;
Miss Anita Castro
Secretary (DSOB): Mrs. Delia C. Magsumbol
Secretary (Seminary): Miss Rhodora A. dela Rosa
HR Coordinator: Miss Maria Regina Sanchez
Computer Technician: Mr. Dexter Dilig
Computer Technician: Mr. Ulysses dela Rosa
Driver: Mr. Leuterio Suba Jr.
Saint John Academy (High School), Dinalupihan, 2110 Bataan
Tel.: (047) 636-5560
Director: Fr. Edgardo S. Sigua
Principal: Mrs. Gemma Yao
Chaplain: Fr. Santos S. Detablan
St. Peter De Verona Academy (Pre-Elem., Elementary, High School),Hermosa, 2111 Bataan
Tel.: (047) 633-1354
Director: Fr. Edgardo S. Sigua
Principal: Mr. Joselito Mariano
Chaplain: Fr. Antonio M. Quintos Jr.
Holy Rosary Parochial School (Pre-Elem., Elementary, High School), Orani, 2112 Bataan
Tel.: (047) 431-1225
Director: Fr. Rosauro V. Guila
Principal: Ms. Lilia de Guzman
Chaplain: Fr. Ambraham SP Pantig
St. Catherine Of Siena Academy (Pre-Elem., Elementary, High School),Samal, 2113 Bataan
Tel.: (047) 633-0572
Director: Fr. Edgardo S. Sigua
Principal: Ms. Amalia Ponce
Chaplain: Msgr. Mario M. Perez
St. Michael The Archangel Academy (Pre-Elem., Elementary, High School),Orion, 2102 Bataan
Tel.: (047) 244-4512
Director: Fr. Rosauro V. Guila
Principal: Mrs. Maria Cecilia Arambulo
Chaplain: Fr. Percival V. Medina
St. Nicholas Catholic School Of Mariveles, Inc. (Pre-Elem., Elementary, High School) Mariveles, 2105 Bataan
Tel.: (047) 935-6182
Director: Fr. Rosauro V. Guila
Principal: Mr. Rowel Abalos
Chaplain: Fr. Gerardo Gregorio P. Jorge
St. James Catholic School Of Morong, Inc. (High School) Morong, 2108 Bataan
Tel.: (047) 612-1256
Director: Fr. Rosauro V. Guila
Principal: Miss Veneriza Trillo
Chaplain: Fr. Mario A. Margallo
Our Lady Of The Pillar Elementary
School, Morong, 2108 Bataan
Tel.: (047) 612-1256
Director: Fr. Rosauro V. Guila
Principal: Miss Veneriza Trillo
Chaplain: Fr. Mario A. Margallo Blessed Regina Protmann Catholic School (Pre-Elem., Elementary, High School) Mt. View, Mariveles, Bataan
Tel.: (047) 612-0599
Directress: Sr. Teresinha Maria Schroeder
Principal: Ms. Jessa Destreza
Chaplain: Fr. Jhoen B. Buenaventura
Blessed Regina Protmann Catholic School (Pre-Elem., Elementary, High School) Bagac, Bataan
Tel.: (047) 612-0599
Directress: Sr. Teresinha Maria Schroeder
Principal: Ms. Jessa Destreza
Chaplain: Fr. Noel C. Nuguid
Educational Centers Owned By The Religious
Letran College (College), Dominican Avenue, Gabon, Abucay, 1114 Bataan
Tel.: (047) 237-9431
Rector and President: Rev. Fr. Clarence Victor Cuevas Marquez, OP
Vice-President for Academic Affairs:
Dr. Cristina Castro Cabral, PhD
Director, Planning and Development
Office - Asst. Prof.: Randy S. Castillo
St. Joseph College Of Balanga (Pre-Elem., Elementary, High School, College) Tuyo, Balanga, Bataan
Tel.: 612-0732
Mobile: 0916-327-5386
Directress: Sr. Lourdes Panganiban, SFIC
Jaime Hilario Integrated School (Pre-Elem., Elementary, Technical High School) Looc, Brgy. Banawang, Bagac, 2107 Bataan
Tel.: (02) 984-5676
Principal: Bro. Inigo Riola, SFC
Blessed Margarita Brincat Caholic School (Pre-Elem., Elementary, High School) Tucop Dinalupihan Bataan
Tel.: 633-2996
Directress: Sr. Mary Pini, FCJ
St. Francis Catholic School (Pre-Elem., Elem., High School) Sta. Elena, Orion, Bataan
Tel.: (047) 633-0039
Principal: Sr. Paula Dequito, FSI
Daughters Of St. Dominic School, Emerald Coast Exec. Village, Limay
Tel.: 244-7323
Mobile: 0915-416-8506
Sr. Mary Annunciata B. Ladeza, OP
Sta. Mariana De Jesus Academy, Mariveles, Bataan
Mobile: 0908-211-1726
Superior: Sr. Luisa Cordero, RM
Diocesan Home For The Aged Bahay Puso, Sitio Mathay, Tuyo, Balanga City
Administrator: Sr. Mary Philip Galeno, SPC
Tel.: (047) 237-6700; 612-2295
Wards: 6 lolos and 26 lolas Orphanage
Sos Children’ Village Bataan, Golden Heights Subd., Mt. View, Mariveles,2107 Bataan
Tel.: (047) 633-0880
Village Director: Mr. Salvador G. Ramirez
Wards: 119 (boys & girls)
Chaplain: Fr. Jhoen Buenaventura

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