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Dioecesis Banguedensis                                                                                       Bangued

Suffragan of Nueva Segovia

Erected Prelature: June 12, 1955. Elevated to Diocese: November
15, 1982. Comprises the civil province of Abra.
Titular: St. James the Elder. Secondary Patron: St. Joseph.


Most Reverend
Born: July 27, 1960 in Santa, Ilocos Sur. Ordained priest: March 12, 1988.
Appointed Bishop of Bangued: January 5, 2007. Ordained Bishop: March
26, 2007. Installed fourth Bishop of Bangued: March 31, 2007.
Bishop’s House
Bangued, 2800 Abra
Tel.: (074) 752-8040 • Fax: (074)752-8028
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bishop Emeritus

Most Reverend
Born: December 17, 1924 in Laoag City. Ordained priest: May 22, 1952.
Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Bangued: December 15, 1981. Ordained
Bishop: February 18, 1982. Elected Diocesan Administrator of Bangued:
January 4, 1988. Appointed second Bishop of Bangued: November 25,
1988. Installed: February 6, 1989. Resigned: January 18, 1992. He died at
dawn of January 30, 2017. He was 92 years old.
Villa Cristo Rey Retirement House
101 E. Rodriguez, Sr. Blvd.
Quezon City, 1099 Metro Manila
P.O. Box 1375


Total Population… … 275,749
Catholics… ………… 226,401
Area… ……… 3,975.5 sq. kms.
Filipino………………… 6
Foreign………………… 7
Foreign…………………… 1
Sisters… …………………… 7
Minor… ………………… 1
Seminarians… ……………………
In Theology……………… 4
In Philosophy… …………27
Minor: HS… …………………84
Diocesan Division:
Vicariates… ………………… 4
With Resident Pastors……24
Entrusted to the
Diocesan Clergy… ……20
Entrusted to the
Religious Clergy… …… 4
Chapels… …………… 230
Educational Centers
(for SY 2009-2010):
College……………………… 1
Enrolment… ………… 973
High Schools:
Enrolment… …… 6,383
Congregational……………… 1
Enrolment… ………… 888
Elementary Schools:
Diocesan………………… 2
Enrolment… ……… 530
Congregational… ……… 1
Enrolment… ……… 506
Teaching Personnel:
Lay… ………………… 263
School Dormitories………27
Sacraments (from 1 January
to 31 December 2009):
Up to 1 year old… … 1,123
From 1 to 7 yrs. old……1,154
Over 7 years old… …… 771
Total……………… 3,048
Confirmations… ……… 2,196
First Communions……… 3,128
Between Catholics… … 648
Mixed… ………………… 2
Total………………… 650


Bishop’s House
Bangued, 2800 Abra
Tel.: (074) 752-8040
Fax: (074) 752-8028
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vicar General: V. Rev. Nilo S. Peig, JCD
Financial Administrator: V. Rev. Nilo S. Peig, JCD
Chancellor: Fr. John M. Vasquez
Legal Counsel: Atty. Elmer Velasco
Chancery Staff:
Mr. Billy Jay Bersamina,
Mrs. Leonora Borja,
Mrs. Gloria Bulda,
Mrs. Flora de Castro,
Ms. Celia Ortega,
Mr. Liberato Viernes
Central Diocesan Board Presbyteral Council:
V. Rev. Nilo S. Peig,
Fr. Renato M. Amasi,
Fr. Sanny John Paguio,
Fr. Samuel Baruela,
Fr. Floro Bautista,
Fr. Antonio Alagao, SVD,
Fr. Cecilio Tupasi,
Fr. Gil Manalo, SVD,
Fr. Marmolyn Anagaran,
Fr. Clarence Carta,
Fr. Iluminado Tungpalan,
Fr. Roderick Ardaniel,
Fr. Alfredo Eduarte
Diocesan Finance Committee:
Fr. Clarence Carta,
Fr. Cecilio M. Tupasi,
Ms. Merla Ruiz

General Assembly of Priests and Men Religious
Moderator: Fr. Renante Bose
Secretary: Fr. Gary Rex Bugtong
Commission on the Clergy
Vicar: Fr. Cecilio M. Tupasi
Vice: Fr. Samuel Baruela
Commissions for Pastoral Work in the Diocese
Commission on Worship and Liturgy
Chair: Fr. Antonio B. Ruyan
Department for Pastoral Leaders and Lay Ministers
Director: Fr. Roderick Ardaniel
Office for Church Cultural Heritage
Chair: Fr. Floro Bautista
Christian Formation Commission
Chair: Fr. Floro B. Bautista Catechetical Department
Director: Fr. Bernard Barbosa Lay Apostolate
Director: Rev. Fr. Joseph Martin Pascual
Office for Basic Ecclesial Communities
Director: Fr. Floro B. Bautista
Biblical Apostolate
Director: Fr. Samuel Baruela
Coordinator: Mr. Francis Czar Correa
Mass Media Apostolate
Director: Fr. David Marck Taverner
Diocesan School Office
Superintendent: Fr. Clarence B. Carta
Supervisor: Ms. Anunciation Espejo
Family and Life Apostolate
Director: Fr. Emilio C. Cortez Jr.
Office for the Missions
Director: Fr. Renante Bose
Office for Vocations
Director: Fr. Sanny John Paguio
Diocesan Filipino Migrants Apostolate
Director: Fr. Alvin B. Aberion
Office For Inter-Religious Dialogue & Ecumenical Affairs
Director: Fr. Iluminado Tungpalan
Diocesan Social Apostolate Commission
Chair: Rev. Fr. Leonardo Tubaña
Social Development Center
Director: Ms. Pura Sumangil
Justice and Peace Department
Director: Fr. Marmolyn Anagaran
Indigenous Peoples Apostolate
Director: Fr. Edward Awao
Ecology Department: Fr. Louiegene Arnold Valdez

Health Care Apostolate
In-Charge: Mr. Maximo M. Tupasi
Prison Apostolate: Sr. Estrella Lanag, OP
Diocesan Youth Commission
Director: Fr. Jan Vincent Damian
Coordinator: Ms. Frances Castañera
Diocesan Religious Organizations , Councils and Movements
Diocesan Council of the Laity
President: Mr. Philip Tinggonong
Spiritual Director: Fr. Ruben P. Valdez
Apostleship of Prayer
Diocesan President: Mrs. Cresencia Ferido
Spiritual Director: V. Rev. Nilo S. Peig
Catholic Women’s League
Diocesan President: Ms. Marlita Basingan
Spiritual Director: V. Rev. Nilo S. Peig
Knights of Columbus
District Deputy:
Mr. Santiago Barba (B41),
Atty. Danilo Molina (B42),
Mr. Reynaldo Carsola (B43)
Spiritual Director: Fr. Ruben P. Valdez
Legion of Mary
Curia President: Mrs. Felicitas Bisquera
Spiritual Director: Fr. Emilio C. Cortez Jr.


(as of May 15, 2018)
A. Vicariate of St. James the Elder
Vicar Forane: Rev. Fr. Cecilio M. Tupasi
Bangued (F-1612) 2800
Tel.: (074) 752-8530; 752-8932
Pop.: 54,312; Cath.: 50,314 (includes
a barrio of Langiden
Titular: St. James the Elder, July 25
Parish Priest: Most Rev. Leopoldo C. Jaucian, SVD, DD
Parochial Vicars:
Fr. Samuel Baruela,
Fr. Elmar Cabunot
Parish Financial Administrator:
V. Rev P. Nilo S. Peig, JCD La Paz (F-1832) 2826
Pop.: 25,101; Cath.: 18,809 (comprises some parts of La Paz and Lagayan)
Titular: Our Lady of Peace, January 24
Parish Priest: Fr. Cecilio M. Tupasi Mudeng, La Paz (F-1970) 2826
Pop.: 6,970; Cath.: 6,599 (comprises parts of Bangued and La Paz)
Titular: St. Francis Xavier, Dec. 3 Parish Priest: Fr. Jaemelito Gealan, SVD
Peñarrubia (F-1892; 1919) 2804
Tel.: (074) 752-5466
Pop.: 8,766; Cath.: 8,201 (includes parts of Bangued)
Titular: St. Therese of the Child Jesus, October 1
Parish Priest: Fr. Ruben Valdez Tayum (F-1803) 2803
Tel.: (074) 752-8218
Pop.: 14,730; Cath.: 13,648
Titular: St. Catherine of Alexandria, November 25
Parish Priest: Fr. Roderick Ardaniel B. Vicariate of the Holy Cross
Vicar Forane: Fr. Floro Bautista Dolores (F-1882) 2801
Pop.: 12,031; Cath.: 8,094
Titular: Our Lady of Sorrows, Friday before Holy Week
Parish Priest: Fr. Floro Bautista Lacub (F-1940) 2821
Pop.: 10,847; Cath.: 10,797 (includes parts of Tineg)
Titular: Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Friday after Corpus Christi Parish Priest: Fr. Jeffrey Bueno Lagangilang (F-1910) 2802
Pop.: 14,870; Cath.: 13,416
Titular: Holy Cross, May 3
Parish Priest: Fr. Clarence Carta
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Gary Rex Bugtong Licuan-Baay (F-2009) 2819
Pop.: 4,944; Cath.: 4,920
Titular: Our Lady of Lourdes, February 11
Parish Priest: Fr. Alvin Aberion Malibcong (F-1957) 2820
Pop.: 4,943; Cath.: 4,344
Titular: St. Therese of the Child Jesus, October 1
Parish Priest: Fr. Simon Petrus Koten, SVD
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Heru Kurniawan, SVD
San Juan (F-1880) 2823
Pop.: 11,829; Cath.: 11,253 (includes
parts of Tineg and Lagayan)
Titular: St. John the Evangelist,
December 27
Parish Priest: Fr. Leonardo Tubaña
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Edward Awao C. Vicariate of Our Lady of Lourdes
Vicar Forane: Fr. Renato Amasi Boliney (F-2004) 2815
Pop.: 4,375; Cath.: 1,660
Titular: Christ the King, last Sunday of the ecclesiastical year
Parish Priest: Fr. David Marck Taverner Bucay (F-1847) 2805
Pop.: 17,625; Cath.: 14,821 (includes parts of Peñarrubia)
Titular: St. Narcissus, Oct. 29
Parish Priest: Fr. Renato Amasi Luba (F-1952) 2813
Pop.: 6,998; Cath.: 4,245 (comprises Luba)
Titular: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, last week of June
Parish Priest: Fr. Bernard Barbosa Manabo (F-1961) 2810
Pop.: 13,877; Cath.: 13,700 (includes parts of Bucay)
Titular: Our Lady of Lourdes, February 11
Parish Priest: Fr. Emilio Cortez Jr.
Sallapadan (F-1960) 2818
Pop.: 8,704; Cath.: 4,846 (comprises the municipalities of Sallapadan, Daguioman and Bucloc)
Titular: St. Nicholas of Flue, Sept. 25
Parish Priest: Fr. Alfredo Eduarte Tubo (F-2013) 2814
Pop.: 8,704; Cath.: 4,846 (comprises the municipality Tubo)
Titular: St. Joseph, the Worker, May 1
Parish Priest: Fr. Joseph Martin Pascual
D. Vicariate of the Immaculate Conception
Vicar Forane: Fr. Marmolyn Anagaran
Langiden (F-1983) 2807
Pop.: _____; Cath.: 3,805
Titular: St. Joseph, March 19
Parish Priest: Fr. Louiegene Arnold Valdez
Pidigan (F-1823) 2806
Pop.: 13,987; Cath.: 12,642
Titular: Immaculate Conception, December 8
Parish Administrator: Fr. Renante Bose Pilar (F-1866) 2812
Pop.: 13,390; Cath.: 13,338 (includes a barrio of Villaviciosa)
Titular: Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima, March 13
Parish Priest: Fr. Marmolyn Anagaran
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Allan Flores San Isidro (F-1909) 2809
Pop.: 4,885; Cath.: 4,852
Titular: Our Lady of the Pillar, February 4
Parish Priest: Fr. S. Devasagayam, SVD San Quintin (F-1968) 2808
Pop.: 5,832; Cath.: 4,723
Titular: St. Quintin, October 31
Parish Priest: Fr. Silvester Wada, SVD
Villaviciosa (F-1969) 2811
Pop.: 6,687; Cath.: 4,083 (includes parts of Luba and San Isidro)
Titular: St. Lawrence of Rome, August 10
Parish Administrator: Fr. Iluminado Tungpalan

St. Joseph Seminary (F-1960) Bangued, 2800 Abra
Tel.: (074) 752-7845
Rector: Fr. Sanny John Paguio
Prefect of Discipline: Rev. Fr. Marcelo Ballestra
Assistant Prefect of Discipline: Frt. Mark Louie Martes
Principal: Miss Anunciation Espejo
Enrolment: 84
Diocesan Clergy Outside The Diocese
Immaculate Conception School Of Theology, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur: Fr. Rodel Molina
Military Ordinariate:
Fr. (Lt. Col). Dionisio Q. Beleno, PA, Chaplain, AFP
United States of America:
Fr. Alexander B. Barbieto,
Fr. Salvador Bringas Jr.,
Fr. Joyle T. Martinez,
Fr. Ramelo Somera,
Fr. Edmund Barut Jr.,
Fr. Efren Ambre,
Fr. Drexel Ramos
Fr. Eugen Reinhardt;
Fr. (Maj.) Delfin A. Quinto, PAF



Society of the Divine Word (SVD)

Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS)
Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (SIHM)
Dominican Margaritas of Blessed
Margaret of Castello (OP)


Diocesan School Office (For Diocesan Schools), Abra Diocesan
Pastoral Center, Rizal St., 2800 Bangued, Abra
Tel.: (074) 752-8229
Superintendent: Fr. Cecilio M. Tupasi
Supervisor: Ms. Anunciation Espejo
Bookkeeper: Mrs. Lanie Bulda
Cashier/Secretary: Mrs. Celia Badilla
For the School Year 2017-2018:
Catholic HS of Pilar (F-1964) (Diocesan),Pilar, 2812 Abra
Director: Fr. Marmolyn Anagaran
Principal: Mrs. Ma. Leonides Cabatu
Faculty: 8; Enrolment: 180
Divine Word College of Bangued
(F-1920) (Society of the Divine Word) Bangued, 2800 Abra
Tel.: (074) 752-8003; 752-8372; 752-8373
President: Fr. Gil Manalo, SVD
Campus Minister: Fr. Conradus Haribaik, SVD
Finance Officer: Fr. Ronilo Borja, SVD
Faculty: 130;
Employees: 49;
Enrolment: Graduate School: 177;
College: 2, 133;
HS: 733;
GS: 835;
Total Enrolment: 3,878
Fr. Arnoldus High School (F-1959)
(Diocesan), Sallapadan, 2818 Abra
Director/Principal: Fr. Alfredo Eduarte
Principal: Mrs. Ma. Teresa B. Artates
Faculty: 6;
Enrolment: 279
Heart of Mary High School (F-1949)
(Diocesan), Dolores, 2801 Abra
Director/Principal: Fr. Floro Bautista
Principal: Noraida S. Siaoa
Faculty: 8;
Enrolment: 191
Holy Cross School (F-1914/1946)
(Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit), Lagangilang, 2802 Abra
Director: Fr. Clarence Carta
Principal: Mrs. Sisa A. Aborje
Sisters: 22;
Enrolment HS: 294;
Enrolment GS: 247;
Total Enrolment: 541
Holy Ghost School (F-1912) (Diocesan),
Tayum, 2803 Abra
Director: Fr. Roderick Ardaniel
Principal: Mrs. Celia Flor Taeza
Faculty: 9; Enrolment: 334
Holy Spirit Academy of Bangued (F-1923)(Diocesan), Bangued, 2800 Abra
Telefax: (074) 752-8084
Director: V. Rev. Nilo S. Peig, JCD
Principal (Secondary Dept.): Mr. Jetrix Tenebro
Principal (GS): Mrs. Catherine Ballesta
Faculty: 33;
HS: 448;
GS: 605;
Prep School: 63;
Total Enrolment: 1,080
Little Flower High School (F-1961)
(Diocesan), 2804 Peñarrubia, Abra
Director: Fr. Ruben Valdez
Principal: Ms. Merian Dao-ayan
Faculty: 13;
Enrolment: 482
Luba-Tubo Catholic High School (F-1957)(Diocesan), Luba, 2813 Abra
Director/Principal: Fr. Bernard Barbosa
Faculty: 6;
Enrolment: 153
Our Lady of Fatima School (F-1956) (Diocesan), Bucay, 2805 Abra
Director: Fr. Renato Amasi
Principal: Ms. Fe Batoon
Faculty: 6; Enrolment: 152
Our Lady of Guadalupe School (F-1915)(Diocesan), Lacub, 2821 Abra
Director/Principal: Fr. Jeffrey Bueno
Faculty: 6;
Enrolment: 135
Our Lady of Lourdes High School(F-1957) (Diocesan), Manabo, 2810 Abra
Director: Fr. Emilio Cortez Jr.
Principal: Manalita T. Gaboy
Sister: 3;
Lay: 8;
Enrolment: 356
Queen of Peace High School (F-1947)(Diocesan), La Paz, 2826 Abra
Director: Fr. Cecilio Tupasi
Principal: Mrs. Mesia Ternio
Faculty: 6; Enrolment: 303
Queen of Peace High School (F-1967)(Diocesan), Canan, La Paz, 2826 Abra
Director: Fr. Antonio Ruyan
Principal: Mrs. Sonia Feranil Faculty: 8;
Enrolment: 310
Sta. Teresita High School (F-1967)
(Diocesan), Malibcong, 2820 Abra
Principal: Ms. Emerita Lingayo
Faculty: 5;
Enrolment: 129
St. John High School (F-1958) (Diocesan), San Juan, 2825 Abra
Director: Fr. Leonardo Tubaña
Principal: Mrs. Merilyn Prio
Faculty: 8; Enrolment: 236
St. Mary High School (F-1949) (Diocesan), Pidigan, 2806 Abra
School Administrator: Fr. Renante Bose
Faculty: 9; Enrolment: 408
St. Paul High School (F-1968) (Diocesan), Villaviciosa, 2811 Abra
School Administrator: Fr. Iluminado Tungpalan
Principal: Mr. Eduardo B. Cabato
Faculty: 6; Enrolment: 202
Various Institutions
Radio DZPA -AM (F-1970)/Radio DWWM-FM (F-1986),
Blessed Arnold Janssen Communication Center, Zamora corner Rizal St., Bangued, 2800 Abra
Tel.: (074) 752-8438; 752-8439
Director: Fr. David Marck Taverner
Station Manager: Ms. Merla Ruiz
Board of Trustees - Abra Community
Broadcasting Corporation:
Chairman: Most Re. Leopoldo C. Jaucian, SVD, DD
Vice Chairman: Fr. David Marck Taverner
Secretary: Fr. John M. Vasquez
Treasurer: Ms. Pura Sumangil
Corporation Members:
Most Rev. Leopoldo C. Jaucian, SVD, DD,
Fr. Nerio Joseph Artienda, SVD,
Atty. Materno Eri Cariño,
Fr. Jeffrey Bueno,
Fr. Cecilio Tupasi,
Fr. Emilio Cortez Jr.,
Ms. Pura Sumangil
Abra Today (F-1989) Blessed Arnold Janssen Communication Center,Zamora corner Rizal St.,Bangued, 2800 Abra
Tel.: (074) 752-8374
Fr. Louiegene
Arnold Valdez
Editorial Board:
Most Rev. Leopoldo C. Jaucian, SVD, DD,
Fr. Louiegene Arnold Valdez,
Fr. Cecilio M. Tupasi,
Fr. Jeffrey Bueno,
Ms. Pura Sumangil,
Ms. Merla Ruiz
Abra Diocesan Pastoral Center (F-1978)
Rizal Street, Bangued, 2800 Abra
Tel.: (074) 752-8092
Board of Administration:
Chairman: V. Rev. Nilo S. Peig
Fr. Renato M. Amasi,
Fr. Ruben P. Valdez,
Fr. Clarence Carta
Manager: Mrs. Amelia Astudillo
Rosario Diocesan Complex (F-2000)
Taft St., Zone 5, Bangued, Abra
Tel.: (074) 752-7707
Board of Administration:
Chairman: V. Rev. Nilo S. Peig
Fr. Renato M. Amasi,
Fr. Ruben P. Valdez,
Fr. Clarence Carta
Manager: Mrs. Amelia Astudillo
Janssen Hall (F-1988) (Attached to the Divine Word College of Bangued)
Domaoal Street, Bangued, 2800 Abra
Tel.: (074) 752-8012
Matron: Miss Cristina Acena;
Boarders: Professionals: 10;
Students: 70
Arnoldus’ Hall (F-1989) (Attached to the Divine Word College of Bangued),
Bowen Street,
Bangued, 2800 Abra
Tel.: (074) 752-8312
Matron: Miss Eliza Cadingas
Boarders: Professionals: 34;
Students: 24