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(Diocesis Talibonensis)
Suffragan of Cebu
Created: January 9, 1986. Erected: December 3, 1986. Comprises: half of the civil province of Bohol. Titular: The Blessed Trinity.

Most Reverend
Born: November 17, 1937 in Sangi, Asturias, Cebu. Ordained Priest: March 18, 1961. Appointed Titular Bishop of Tuccabora and Auxiliary Bishop of Cagayan de Oro: October 1, 1981. Ordained Bishop: November 30, 1981. Appointed Bishop of Talibon: September 6, 1986. Installed: December 3, 1986.
Bishop’s House
6325 Talibon, Bohol
Tel.: 038) 515-5253
Telefax: (038) 515-5118

Catholics……………663,827 (92%)
Area ………………2,243 sq. kms.
Diocesan …………………95
In Theology…………………22
In College……………………41
In Pre-college…………… 22
Diocesan Divisions:
with resident pastors……37
entrusted to diocesan
with resident pastors……5
with resident pastor…… 1
Educational Centers:
Directed by religious……1
High Schools:
Enrolment………… 7,033
Directed by religious…… 3
Diocesan/Parochial……… 2
Directed by religious…… 1
Enrolment…………… 127
Directed by religious…… 3
Total…………72 / 9,808
Sacraments & Sacramentals:
Baptisms of children……14,457
Adult baptisms…………… 581
Total…………………15,038 Marriages:
Between Catholics……2,234
Mixed…………………… 72

Talibon, 6325 Bohol
Telefax: (038) 515-5118
Email: dioceseoftalibonbohol
@yahoo.com /
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vicar General: Rt. Rev. Msgr. Julio L. Renegado, HP
Episcopal Vicar: Rt. Rev. Msgr. Ignacio H. Reyes, JCL, PhL
Episcopal Vicar for Clergy: Msgr. Orencio D. Jubac
Chancellor-Secretary: Rev. Fr. Antonio B. Tutor Jr.
Vice Chancellor-Secretary: Rev. Fr. Adolfo E. Dagohoy Jr.
Chancery Staff: Rev. Fr. Gerson Justiniani, Sr. Maria Victoria Pilongo, DST

Board of Consultors:
Msgr. Julio L. Renegado, HP, Msgr. Ignacio H. Reyes, JCL, PhL, Msgr. Orencio Jubac, Rev. Fr. Gilberto Jose Añana, Rev. Fr. Presciano Boncales, Rev. Fr. Dale Angelo Duallo, Fr. Felix D. Tabigue, Rev. Fr. Jonathan D. Pacudan, Rev. Fr. Cosme R. Almedilla, Rev. Fr. Alfredo S. Amora, Rev. Fr. Alberto S. Uy, Rev. Fr. Antonio B. Tutor, Jr.
Superintendent of Catholic Schools: Msgr. Ignacio H. Reyes, JCL, PhL
Asst. Superintendent: Rev. Fr. Jonas M. Redulla

Commission on Sacred Liturgy:
Rev. Fr. Antonio B. Tutor, Jr.
Rev. Fr. Jonas M. Redulla
Commission On Sacred Music:
Rev. Fr. Nazario E. Tiempo Jr.
Rev. Fr. Dioszalde A. Cutas
Diocesan Catechetical Apostolate:
Rev. Fr. Eutemio B. Espina
Rev. Fr. Jonel Logroño, Sr. Ma. Antonina B. Galamiton, MCSH
Biblical Apostolate: Rev. Fr. Alexander Auxtero, Chairman, Rev. Fr. Gregorio Mendez
Catholic Women’s League: Rev. Fr. Silvano Evangelista
Social Action: Rev. Fr. Chito Lozada
Commission on Church Properties:
Rev. Fr. Jesus Frederick Camacho, Mrs. Bienvenida Sarce
Commission on Church Cultural Heritage: Rev. Fr. Adolfo E. Dagohoy Jr., Rev. Fr. Raul F. Cuyag
Family and Life Apostolate: Rev. Fr. Alberto S. Uy, Sr. Alberta Ramiso, FdCC
Legion of Mary: Rev. Fr. Mario M. Ombao
Pontifical Mission Societies: Rev. Fr. Leonilo Lopena
Commission on Youth: Rev. Fr. Gregorio Mendez, Sr. Noemi Mendoza, FdCC
Catholic Charismatic Renewal Move-
ment: Rev. Fr. Eusebio Soliano
Ongoing Formation of the Clergy:
Msgr. Orencio Jubac, Rev. Fr. Jesus Frederick C. Camacho, Rev. Fr. Jonathan D. Pacudan, Rev. Fr. Leonilo Lopena, Rev. Fr. Alberto S. Uy
Vocations: Rev. Fr. Ariel L. Lantaca

Vicariate of the Blessed Trinity
Vicar Forane: Rev. Fr. Jonathan Pacudan JCL
Talibon (F-1724) 6325
Titular: Blessed Trinity, Last Sat. of May
Tel.: (038) 515-0058
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Jonathan Pacudan JCL
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Adonis Madanguit
Bagacay, Talibon (F-2003)
Titular: San Roque
Parish Priest: Fr. Ariel L. Lantaca
Bien Unido (F-1967) 6326
Titular: Sto. Niño , December 29
Parish Priest:
Fr. Edgardo Modesto Deligero
School Director:
Fr. Gregorio Mendez
Trinidad (F-1954) 6324
Titular: San Isidro Labrador, May 15
Parish Priest: Fr. Antonio B. Tutor, Jr.
Roving Priest: Fr. Jose Anthony E. Garcia
Tel.: (038) 510-1728
San Agustin, Talibon (F-2009)
Titular: San Agustin, August 28
Parish Priest: Fr. Chito Lozada

Vicariate of St. Michael the Archangel
Vicar Forane: Fr. Eutemio B. Espina
San Miguel (F-1962) 6323
Titular: San Miguel Arkanghel, May 8
Parish Priest: Fr. Dale Angelo R. Duallo
Resident Priest: Fr. Eusebio A. Soliano
Mahayag (F-1994) 6323
Titular: San Isidro Labrador, May 16
Parish Priest: Fr. Matias Gonzales
Danao (F-1957) 6344
Titular: Sagrada Familia, Dec. 30
Parish Priest: Fr. Alexander A. Auxtero
Parish Vicar: Rev. Fr. Jessie Cutanda
Dagohoy (F-1957) 6322
Population: 16,845;
Catholics: 15,665
Titular: Virgen sa Lourdes, Feb. 11
Parish Priest: Fr. Leonilo Lopena

Vicariate of St. Anthony the Abbot
Vicar Forane: Fr. Gilberto Jose E. Añana
Carmen (F-1874) 6319
Titular: San Antonio Abad, Jan. 17
Tel.: (038) 525-9118/525-9300
Parish Priest: Fr. Gilberto Jose E. Añana
Roving Priests: Fr. Randy N. Boiser, Fr. Moisel Bernales
School Director: Msgr. Julio L. Renegado, VG
Sierra-Bullones (F-1863) 6320
Titular: Immaculate Conception, Dec. 8
Tel.: (038) 527-1062
Parish Priest: Fr. Teotimo B. Ugpo
Resident Priest: Fr. Serelle Timoteo Reyes
Roving Priest: Fr. Romeo Primacio
Bugsoc, Sierra Bullones (F-2007)
Titular: St. Joseph, May 20
Parish Priest: Fr. Mario M. Ombao
Abachanan, Sierra Bullones
Titular: St. Isidore, May 22
Parish Priest: Fr. Epifanio T. Gupita
Pilar (F-1962) 6321
Titular: Virgen del Pilar, Oct. 12
Tel. : (038) 523-75-10
Parish Priest: Fr. Giussepe E. Trabajo

Vicariate of St. Paul
Vicar Forane: Fr. Cosme Almedilla
Inabanga (F-1854) 6322
Titular: San Pablo, June 30
Tel.: (038) 512-9157
Parish Priest: Fr. Cosme Almedilla
Parish Vicar: Fr. John Ricarte I. Cristal
Resident Priest: Fr. Carmelo Aguhar
Bugtong Lubi, Inabanga (F-2000) 6322
Titular: Sto. Niño, April 30
Parish Priest: Fr. Reynaldo P. Omamalin
Pasanan, Inabanga (F-2000) 6322
Titular: St. Joseph, the Worker, May 2
Parish Priest: Fr. Donald M. Boncales
Buenavista (F-1957) 6333
Titular: Virgen sa Rosario, Oct. 7
Parish Priest: Fr. Paulito V. Amplayo
Parish Vicar: Fr. Joseph Jim M. Camargo
Roving Priest: Fr. Alvin Pobar
Getafe (F-1876) 6334
Titular: Sto. Niño, Last Sat. of January
Tel.: (038) 514-9112
Parish Priest: Fr. Jonas M. Redulla
Parish Vicar: Fr. Noel O. Abregana

Vicariate of the Holy Infant Jesus
Vicar Forane: Fr. Alfredo S. Amora
Ubay (F-1877) 6315
Titular: Sto. Niño (Movable)
Tel.: (038) 518-9157
Parish Priest: Fr. Alfredo S. Amora
Resident Priest: Fr. Paul E. Perenio
School Director: Fr. Raul Cuyag
Biabas (F-1995) 6315
Titular: San Isidro Labrador, May 17
Parish Priest: Fr. Silvano A. Evangelista
San Pascual (F-1967) 6315
Titular: San Vicente Ferrer, Last Saturday of April
Tel.: (038) 526-0271
Parish Priest: Fr. Ranulfo P. Bernaldez
Pres. Garcia (F-1954) 6346
Pop.: 21,786; Cath.: 18,943
Titular: Sto. Niño, Jan. 16
Parish Priest: Fr. Jose Pompei Solana
Aguining, Pres. Garcia (F- 2004)
Titular: St. Isidore, May 18
Parish Priest: Fr. Avelino T. Plete

Vicariate of St. Joseph
Vicar Forane: Fr. Presciano A. Boncales
Candijay (F-1857) 6312
Titular: San Jose, May 19
Parish Priest: Fr. Presciano A. Boncales
School Director: Fr. Asterio Felisilda
Cogtong (F-1994) 6312
Titular: San Jose, March 19
Parish Priest: Fr. Eutiquio Boyles Jr.
Alicia (F-1953) 6314
Titular: San Joaquin and Sta. Ana, July 26
Parish Priest: Fr. Eutemio B. Espina
La Hacienda, Alicia (F-2000) 6314
Titular: St. Isidore, the Farmer, May 25
Parish Priest: Fr. Nazario E. Tiempo
Mabini (F-1914) 6313
Titular: Sta. Monica, May 4
Tel.: (038) 522-3029
Parish Priest: Fr. Alberto Makinano Jr.
School Director: Fr. Jonel R. Logroño
San Roque (Cabulao) Mabini (F-2003)
Titular: St. Michael the Archangel, May 9
Tel.: (038) 522-3098
Parish Priest: Fr. Jocelito A. Eronico
Launion, Candijay (F-2009)
Titular: St. Isidore, May 14
Parish Priest: Fr. Diosdado Ranara

Vicariate of Our Lady of Consolation
Vicar Forane: Fr. Felix D. Tabigue
Guindulman (F-1787) 6310
Titular: Virgen de la Consolación, Sept. 8
Tel.: (038) 529-1204
Parish Priest: Fr. Felix D. Tabigue
Parish Vicar: Fr. Christian A. Calipes
Resident Priest: Fr. Victor Rubia
Guinacot, Guindulman
Titular: Sto. Niño, January 15
Parish Priest: Fr. Reynaldo Caseñas Jr.
Duero (F-1872) 6309
Titular: Inmaculada Concepción, Dec. 8
Tel.: (038) 530-0077
Parish Priest: Msgr. Ignacio H. Reyes, JCL,PhL.
Anda (F-1858) 6311
Titular: Sto. Niño (Movable)
Parish Priest: Fr. Jesus Frederick C. Camacho
School Director: Fr. Rimar J. Mabanag
Jagna (F-1876) 6334
Titular: St. Michael the Archangel, Sept. 29
Tel.: (038) 531-8270/ 238-2226
Parish Priest: Fr. Alberto S. Uy
Parish Vicar: Fr. Ulysses Dispo
Resident Priests: Msgr. Orencio D. Jubac, Fr. Basilio Auxtero
Lonoy (F-1999) 6334
Population: 9,189;
Catholics: 8,821
Titular: St. Joseph the Worker, Feb. 27
Parish Priest: Fr. Pablito Saludes

Rev. Fr. Dioszalde Cutas, Sta. Cruz Quasi-Parish, Payao, Duero, Bohol
Fr. Orencio Mumar, Blessed Pedro Calungsod Quasi-Parish, Nueva Vida Este, Carmen
Rev. Fr. Victor Alen Caresosa, St. Isidore Quasi-ParisH, Cawayan, Inabanga, Bohol
Fr. Raymund B. Estillore, San Isidro Quasi-Parish, San Isidro, Pilar, Bohol
Rev. Fr. Joemarie Gavas, St. Vincent Ferrer Quasi-Parish, Hinlayagan Ilaya, Trinidad, Bohol
Fr. Tereso Lumacang, Chaplaincy of St. Isidore, San Miguel, Dagohoy

Seminary Personnel
Fr. Armando S. Bayron
Fr. Ursulo Aparicio
In Other Dioceses in the Phil.
Fr. Gumersindo Adlaon, Fr. Ramonito Hilot, Fr. Jose Perez
Study Leave
Fr. Jose Conrado Estafia, Ph.D.
In Other Dioceses Outside the Phil.
Fr. Melquiades Bayron, Fr. Cirino Buñao, Fr. Arlou Buslon, Fr. Deodoro Caga, Rev. Fr. Mark Martin B. Estillore, Fr. Archileto Fernandez, Fr. Nilo Nalugon, Fr. Bernard Rañoa, Fr. Arnulfo Tadena, Fr. Edwin Allan Tutor, Fr. Julian Asucan, Fr. Reynald Evangelista, Fr. Romeo Evangelista
Chapl aincy-Phil. National Police
Rev. Fr. Sergio Surigao, Rev. Fr. Alfredo T. Macua, Fr. Manolo Mendez
Visayas Mission Confraternity, Inc.
Rev. Fr. Bienvenido Disu, C.M., Rev. Fr. Raul F. Cuyag
Bishop’s Residence
Rev. Fr. Adolfo E. Dagohoy Jr., Rev. Fr. Gerson Justiniani, Rev. Fr. Jonas Achacoso, JCD
Secretary to the Nuncio in Uganda, Africa
Rev. Fr. Edward R. Karaan, JCL

Congregation of the Augustinian Recollect SisterS (AR)
Daughters of St. Teresa (DST)
Canossian Daughters of Charity (FdCC)
Daughters of Mary Escolapias
Missionary Catechists of the Sacred Heart (MCSH)
Missionary Sisters of Christ the King (Mcr)
Sisters Oblates of the Holy Spirit (OSS)

Bohol Association of Catholic Schools-Talibon (BACS-TALIBON)
Diocesan Superintendent: Msgr. Ignacio H. Reyes, JCL, PhL
Asst. Diocesan Superintendent: Fr. Jonas M. Redulla
Academic Supervisor: Sr. Ma. Louela Grace Buscato, DST
Staff: Mr. Pedro J. Namoco, Auditor/Bookkeeper; Miss Isabelita Auxtero, Cashier
Holy Child Academy (F-1949)
Ubay, 6315 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Raul Cuyag
Principal: Sr. Ma. Elvira Lasaca, MCSH
Faculty: 15
Enrolment: 832
Holy Child Academy (F-1968)
Bien Unido, 6326 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Gregorio Mendez
Principal: Sr. Ma. Lucy Acupan, DST
Faculty: 8
Enrolment: 320
Holy Child Academy (F-1968)
President Garcia, 6346 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Jose Pompei Solana
Principal: Sr. Joy Marie Bagcat, DST
Faculty: 8
Enrolment: 356
Holy Infant Academy (F-1969)
Anda, 6311 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Rimar Mabanag
Principal: Feliberta F. Bolusa
Faculty: 11
Enrolment: 535
Immaculate Academy (F-1961)
Duero, 6309 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Dioszalde Cutas
Principal: Mr. Eduardo B. Wapanio
Faculty: 15
Enrolment: 693
St. Anthony’s Academy (F-1948)
Carmen, 6319 Bohol
Director: Msgr. Julio L. Renegado, VG
Principal: Sr. Ma. Julieta Roferos, DST
Faculty: 15
Enrolment: 928
St. Isidore Academy ( F-1968)
Trinidad, 6324 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Joemarie Gavas, Principal: Sr. Ma. Verdiana Jao, DST
Faculty: 10
Enrolment: 380
St. Joseph Academy (F-1968)
Candijay, 6312 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Asterio Felisilda
Principal: Mrs. Victoria Timbal
Faculty: 11
Enrolment: 553
St. Paul’s Academy (F-1946)
Inabanga, 6332 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Victor Alen Caresosa
Principal: Sr. Ma. Rita Mante, DST
Faculty: 18
Enrolment: 747
St. Monica Institute (F-1946)
Mabini, 6313 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Jonel R. Logroño
Principal: Mrs. Roberta J. Fostanes
Faculty: 11
Enrolment: 580
Sto. Niño Institute (F-1966)
Getafe, 6334 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Jonas Redulla
Principal: Sr. Ma. Marlyne Pachoco, DST
Faculty: 13
Enrolment: 554
Virgen Del Pilar Academy (F-1968), Pilar, 6321 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Orencio Mumar
Principal: Sr. Ma. Luisa Gemal, DST
Faculty: 11
Enrolment: 379
San Pascual Academy, San Pascual, Ubay, 6315 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Ranulfo S. Bernaldez
Principal: Mr. Eddie Wapanio
Faculty: 8
Enrolment: 424
Bless ed Trinity Elementary School (F-1989) Talibon, 6325 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Adolfo E. Dagohoy, Jr.
Principal: Sr. Louela Grace Buscato, DST
Faculty: 9
Enrolment: 194
Saint Anthony Elementary School, Carmen, Bohol
Director: Rt. Rev. Msgr. Julio L. Renegado, VG
Principal: Sr. Ma. Juliet Roferos, DST
Faculty: 7
Enrolment: 169
Bless ed Trinity Elementary, Mahayag, San Miguel, Dagohoy, Bohol
School Director: Rev. Fr. Adolfo E. Dagohoy, Jr.
In charge: Sr. Ma. Socorro Buslon, DST
Virgen Del Preparatory School, Pilar, 6321, Bohol
School Director: Rev. Fr. Adolfo E. Dagohoy Jr.
In charge: Sr. Ma. Merlyn Lugatiman, DST
Schools Administered by Other Religious Congregations
Bless ed Trinity College (AR) (F-1958),
Talibon, 6325 Bohol
Dean & HS Principal: Sr. Marrietta Angelica Gunayan, AR
Faculty: 22
Enrolment: HS:304
St. Mary Academy (AR) (F-1946),
Guindulman, 6310 Bohol
Principal: Sr. Briggette G. Parba, AR
Faculty: 9
Enrolment: 314
Colegio De La Medalla Milagrosa (AR),
Jagna, 6308 Bohol
Principal: Sr. Cora Caberte, AR Faculty: 15
Enrolment: 401
Sacred Heart Learning And Formation Center (MCSH) (F-1988)
Ubay, 6315 Bohol
Principal: Sr. Ma. Elvira Lasaca, MCSH
Faculty: 10; Enrolment: 155
Bless ed Elena Kindergarteen School (OSS), Poblacion, Alicia, 6314 Bohol
Director: Rev. Fr. Eutemio B. Espina
Principal: Sr. Ma. Rizalina Barnido, OSS
Faculty: 2; Enrolment: 46

Retreat House
Miss ionary Sisters of Christ The King Retreat House, Bagacay, Talibon, 6325 Bohol
Mobile: 0919-460-1825
Superior: Sr. Susie Kuan, MCR
Sisters: Sr. Cielo Cleopas, Sr. Edith Busine

2006: Rev. Fr. Elpedio Aparicio (January 30); Rev. Fr. Teodoro Bajao (March 14)
2009: Msgr. Saturnino Felicitas (January 24); Rev. Fr. Domingo Boiser, Jr. (May 15)


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