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Praelatura Maraviensis                                                                                         Marawi

Suffragan of Ozamiz

Created: November 20, 1976. Erected: December 8, 1976. Comprises the
City of Marawi, the Civil Province of Lanao del Sur and part of the province
of Lanao del Norte. Titular: Saint Mary.


Most Reverend
Born April 3, 1954 in Tambisan, San Juan, Siquijor. Ordained:
April 22, 1981. Installed Prelate of the Prelature of
Marawi: August 12, 2000. Appointed Bishop-Elect of the
Pelature: October 21, 2001. Ordained Bishop: December
27, 2001.
Temporary Bishop’s Residence:
Maglasang Formation House
Bishop’s Residence
Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish
Purok 8, Maria Cristina Balo-i
9217 Balo-i, Lanao del Norte

Bishop…………………………… 1
Priests incardinated
in the Prelature……………… 4
Religious: (all Filipinos)……… 8
Priests belonging to a
Society of Apostolic Life
(all Filipinos)…………… 2
Number of Priests presently
serving in the Prelature……10
Religious Brothers…………… 1
Seminarians (College)… …… 4
With resident pastors… …… 6
Chaplaincy… ……………… 1
Entrusted to di ocesan
clergy… ………………… 1
Entrusted to Religious &
SAL (Fil-Missioners)……… 4
Seminar House……………… 1
Population……………… 880,612
Catholics…………………… 40,884
Area ……………… 4,567 sq.kms.

Vicar General: Rt. Msgr. Ramonito 
S. Torres
Chancellor: Fr. Jhunryll S. Honoridez
Vicar for Clergy: Rt. Msgr. Ramonito S. Torres, VG
Finance Officer: Mrs. Susie P. Coyoca


Prelature Finance Committee:
Chairman: Most Rev. Edwin A. de la Peña, MSP, DD
Members: Fr. Teresito Soganub, Fr. Evergisto F. Bernaldez, Fr. Nilo Tabania, Fr. Primo Fagel, MJ,
Corazon Mangelen, Mrs. Virginia Dal, Mrs. Susie Paran-Coyoca
Prelature School Board Of Trustees
(Our Lady of Peace High School)
Board of Directors: Mr. Camilo Follosco Jr.; Mrs. Aida Glen Flores; Mrs. Armemia L. Miñales
Prelature Board Of Trustees
(San Isidro High School)
President & Chairman of the Board:
Most Rev. Edwin A. dela Peña, MSP, DD
Members: Rev. Fr. Noel S. Octaviano,
MJ; Rev. Fr. Teofilo M. Lopez Jr.,
MJ; Rt. Msgr. Ramonito Torres;
Ms. Zenaida Benito; Mr. Antonio Cristobal


Prelature Pastoral Coordinator: Rt.
Msgr. Ramonito S. Torres, VG
Youth Ministry Director: Rev. Fr.
Jhunryll S. Honoridez
SAC/JPIC Director: Fr. Cirilo Irinco,OFM
Prelature Schools’ Superintendent:
Rev. Fr. Rogelio D. Del Rosario, MJ
Catechetical Ministry Director: Most
Rev. Edwin A. dela Peña, MSP, DD
Biblical Apostolate Team: Rt. Msgr.
Ramonito S. Torres, VG; Mrs. Arlene
Francisco; Bro. Mishel Radaza
SAC/JPIC Director: Rt. Msgr. Ramonito S. Torres, VG
of Marawi and Redemptorist Collaboration)
DUYOG MARA WI Board of Trustee
Chairman: Most. Rev. Edwin A.
Dela Peña, MSP, DD
President: Rev. Fr. Gary Alvarado,CSsR
Executive Director: Bro. Reynaldo P. Barnido, ROCA
Members: Rt. Msgr. Ramonito S. Torres, VG; Rev. Fr. Ariel Lubi,CSsR; Rev. Fr. Copernicus Perez,CSsR; Mrs. Gina Lao Gerona


Cathedral Parish of Santa Maria Auxiliadora,
St. Mary’s Cathedral Parish Rectory, 9700 Marawi City, Lanao del Sur,
P.O. Box 
5605, 9200 Iligan City Lanao del Norte
Pop.: 95,819; Cath.: 5,014
Titular: Our Lady, Mary Help of Christians, May 24
(Laying in ruins awaiting to be rebuilt)
Blessed Virgin Mary Chaplaincy, House No. 060, 5th St., Mindanao State University Main Campus, 9700
Marawi City, P.O. Box 5606, 9200
Iligan City Lanao del Norte
Titular: Blessed Virgin Mary,Sept. 8
CSsR Pastoral Team (until Sept. 2018): Rev. Fr. Jerome Abila,CSsR; Rev. Fr. John Paul Z. Tabasa, CSsR
San Vicente Ferrer Quasi-Parish, Balo-i Franciscans, 9217 Balo-i, Lanao del Norte
OFM Pastoral Team: Rev. Fr.Daniel O. Borromeo, OFM; Rev.Fr. Francis C. Moneda, OFM
Our Lady Of Peace And Good Voyage Parish (F-1952), Catholic Rectory, 9300 Malabang, Lanao del Sur
Pop.: 30,5000; Cath.: 5,000
Titular: Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage, Jan. 24
Parish Priest: Rt. Msgr. Ramonito S. Torres, VG
Associate Pastor: Fr. Rogelio D. del Rosario, MJ
Pastoral Sisters - Missionaries of
the Assumption: Sr. Etta, MA & Community San Isidro Labrador Parish (F-1970),
Parish Rectory, 9302 Balabagan, Lanao del Sur
Pop.: 30,500; Cath.: 6,000
Titular: San Isidro Labrador, May 15
Team Ministry: Most Rev. Edwin A. dela Peña, MSP, DD; Rev. Fr. Teofilo M. Lopez Jr., MJ;
Rev. Fr. 
Noel Octaviano, MJ
Immaculate Conception Parish (F-1965),
Parish Rectory, 9215 Sultan Naga
Dimaporo, Lanao del Norte
Titular: Immaculate Conception, Dec. 8
Parish Priest: Fr. Jimmy Cabuntocan, MSP
Santo Tomas De Villanueva Parish
(F-2006), Parish Rectory, Brgy.
Maria Cristina, 9217 Balo-i, Lanao del Norte
Titular: Santo Tomas de Villanueva, Sept. 17
Parish Administrator: Rev. Fr.
Jhunryll S. Honoridez
(Temporary Cathedral of Mary
Help of Christians)
Cathedral Rector: Rev. Fr. Jhunryll
S. Honoridez
Diocesan Priest For The Prelature
Rev. Fr. Jhunryll S. Honoridez;
Rev. Fr. Evergisto F. Bernaldez
(On Mission to the Diocese of
Parramatta NSW, Australia);
Rev. Fr. Teresito L. Soganub
(On Health and Rehab Leave);
Rev. Fr. Nilo S. Tabania
(On sick 
leave, Pagadian Diocese)
Rt. Msgr. Ramonito S. Torres, VG
(Diocese of Dumaguete)
Priests Residing Outside The
Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Of The Prelature
Fr. Rogelio C. Lood (in the Diocese of Iligan)




Congregation of the Most Holy
Redeemer (CSsR)
Missionaries of Jesus (MJ)
Mission Society of the Philippines(MSP)
Regina Rosarii Contemplative Association(ROCA)


High Schools
Our Lady of Peace High School (F-1954),
9300 Malabang, Lanao del Sur
Director: Fr. Rogelio D. del Rosario,MJ
San Isidro High School (F-1965),
9302 Balabagan, Lanao del Sur
Board of Trustee: Mrs. Remedios
Condor; Mrs. Zenaida B. Amanodin Elementary Schools
Peace Learning Center, 9300 Malabang, Lanao del Sur
Director: Fr. Rogelio D. del Rosario,MJ
San Isidro High School - Elementary
Department, 9302 Balabagan,Lanao del Sur
Director: Fr. Noel S. Octaviano, MJ
Prep Schools
Peace Learning Center - Malabang,
Malabang, 9300 Lanao del Sur
Director: Rev. Fr. Rogelio D. Del Rosario, MJ
San Isidro High School - Prep School
Department, 9302 Balabagan,Lanao del Sur
Director: Fr. Noel S. Octaviano, MJ
Immaculate Conception Peace Learning
Center, 9215 Sultan Naga Dimaporo, Lanao del Norte
Director: Fr. Jimmy Cabuntocan, MSP
Kalilintad Learning Center, 9217 Balo-i, Lanao del Norte
Director: OFM Pastoral Team
Shalom Learning Center, Lot No. 060, Fifth St., Mindanao State
University - Main Campus, 9700 Marawi City
Director: CSsR Pastoral Team


St. Mary’s Seminar House, St. Mary’s
Cathedral Compound, 9700 Marawi City
In-charge: Mr. Noel A. Cayoca
Immaculate Conception Formation House,
Brgy. Pikalawag, 9215 Sultan
Naga Dimaporo, Lanao del Norte
In-charge: Fr. Jimmy Cabuntocan,MSP