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[FMS] Marist Brothers of
the Schools (F-1948)
East Asia Province

Philippine Sector (F-2007)

Provincial Superior

Marist Province Center (F-1989)
NDDU IBED Lagao Campus,
Lagao, 9500 General Santos City
Tel.: (83) 552-5994, 301-2942
Fax: (83) 552-2764
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: http://eastasiamarist.

Filipinos … …………………65
Novice … ……………………… 1
Scholastics ……………………… 7
Aspirants … …………………… 8
Lay Volunteers … ……………… 2
School Owned… ………………11
Schools’ Supervised… ………… 3
Dependent Houses… ………27
Formation Houses … ……… 4


Diocese of Antipolo
Marist Brothers Marikina (F-1964)
Marist School, 83 Champagnat
Avenue, Marikina Heights, 1810
Marikina City, Philippines
Tels. (2) 942-0526 to 27 (School)/
(02) 942-4046 (Residence)
Fax: (2) 941-5764
Br. Manuel P. Uluan (CL), Br. Niño
M. Pizarro (T), Br. Christopher C.
Gorit, Br. Allan J. de Castro, Br.
Demosthenes A. Calabria
Marist Asia-Pacific Center (F-1990),
Marist School Campus, Marikina
Heights, 1810 Marikina City, P.O.
Box 309, Q. Plaza Post Office,
1900 Cainta, Rizal, Philippines
Tel.: (2) 948-4018
Fax: (2) 875-7497
Br. Karl Angelo J. Labio, (Student
Brother); Br. Engel Freed S.
Java, (Student Brother); Br. Romar
Dave S. Rano, (Student Brother);
Br. Gary B. Danlag, (Student

Diocese of Cotabato
Immaculate Concep tion Novitiate
(F-1960), Tamontaka, Datu Odin
Sinsuat, Maguindanao, Philippines
Tel.: (64) 557-2376
Marist Brothe rs Cotabato (F-1948),
Notre Dame of Cotabato, Sin
suat Avenue, Cotabato City,
Philippines, P.O. Box 180, 9600
Cotabato City,
Tel.: (64) 421-2846
Fax: (64) 421-8504
Br. Rommel C. Ocasiones, (CL);
Br. Jo-An C. Legaste, (T); Br. Jick
J. de Leon

Apostolic Vicariate of Jolo
Marist Brothe rs Jolo (F-1959),
Notre Dame of Jolo-Kasulutan
High School, Princess Tarhata
Road, Gandasuli, 7400 Jolo,
Sulu, Philippines
Br. Mark Roberth R. Laurea,
(CL/T); Br. Raymund C. Gallardo,
(Asst.T); Br. Cyril M. Sumugat

Diocese of Kidapawan
Marist Brothe rs Kidapawan (F-1954),
Notre Dame of Kidapawan
College, Datu Ingkal Street,
Kidapawan City, P.O. Box 159,
9400 Kidapawan City, Philippines
Tel.: (64) 577-1672 (School)
Fax: (64) 577-5235
Br. Teodulo A. Fernandez, (CL);
Br. Arnel S. Alfanta, Br. Armando
B. Mana-ay, Br. Albert A. Muñoz
(T); Br. Joseph B. Pedalizo

Diocese of Malaybalay
Marist Brothe rs Bacusanon (F-2018),
Nuestra Señora delos Remedios
Parish, Bacusanon, Pangantucan,
8717 Bukidnon, Philippines
Br. Rosendo J. Yee (CL), Br. Fred
A. Salubre (T), Br. Cian Marco M.

Diocese of Marbel
Marist Brothe rs Dadiangas (F-1954),
Notre Dame of Dadiangas University,
Marist Avenue, 9600
General Santos City, P.O Box
100, 9500 General Santos City,
Tel.: (83) 552-5209 (Residence)/
(83) 552-5196 (School)
Fax: (83) 552-3385
Paterno S. Corpus (CL)
Br. Noel T. Fernandez, Br. Robert
R. McGovern, Br. Ernie G.
Sentina (T), Br. Lloyd Gamboa
Marist Brothe rs Lagao (F-1952),
NDDU-IBED Campus, Lagao,
General Santos City, P.O. Box
42, 9500 General Santos City,
Tel.: (83) 301-0657
Br. Romulo L. Porras, (CL); Br.
Edilberto R. Mallorca, Br. Gilbert
B. Bogacia, Br. Eugene Pius
R. Tajo, Br. Edgar R. Ceriales, Br.
Wency P. Calimpon, Br. Jeff
Rhey R. Antiquisa, Br. Dominador
A. Santiago, (Provincial); Br.
Dionesio D. Acosta, (T)
Our Lady of Fourviere Scholasticate (F-
2016), Camias Extension, General
Santos City, Philippines
Tel.: (83) 83-552-0630
Br. Danilo M. Sevilla, (CL, MS);
Br. Pepito L. Mahong, (MA, T);
Br. Jay Jay Escuadro, Br. Denxel
Nartatez, Br. Dave Becislao
Marist Brothe rs Katangawan-Marcellin
Homes Community (F-2019), Katangawan,
General Santos City,
Mobile: (63) 9209464708
Br. Crispin P. Betita, (CL); Br. Cristino
M. Sta. Ana (T); Br. Rechie
Dean M. Bagsican
Marist Brothe rs Marbe l (F-1950),
Notre Dame of Marbel University,
Koronadal City, P.O. Box 159, 9506
Koronadal City, Philippines
Tel.: (83) 228-2518 (Residence)/
(83) 228-3872 (IBED)/ (83) 228-
2218 (Personnel)
Fax: (83) 228-2819
Br. Wilfredo E. Lubrico,(CL);
Br. Adrian P. Mana-ay, (T); Br.
Rene A. Reyes, Br. Roy R. Deita,
Br. Ralph Jude P. Daylusan, Br.
Mark Iwu.
Marist Brothe rs Lake Sebu (F-2018),
Marist Asia Spirituality and Mission
Center, Poblacion, Lake Sebu,
South Cotabato, Philippines
Br. Rustico S. Lumbo, (T); Br.
Manuel V. de Leon, (T)

Apostolic Vicariate of Palawan
Marist Brothe rs Malutok (F-2001), Sitio
Malutok, Ransang Rizal, 5300
Palawan Province, Philippines,
c/o RAQ Pensionne, Malvar
Street, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Mobile: 09292541969
Br. Franklin D. Salcedo, (CL); Br.
Albert B. Bolibol (T); Mr. Jose
Leandre Valdez

Petaling Jaya Sector House,
1A, Jalan 10/3, 46000 Petaling
Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel.: (60) 3-7931 4587
Br. Joachim Heng Hee Tiam,
(CL, T); Br. Anthony Cheng Chin
Yeong, Br. Paul Saw Fatt Lean
Sibu Community,
Lanang Road, P.O. 383, 96007
Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel.: (60) 84-322-327
Br. Anthony Tay Woon Dwu,
(CL, T); Br. John Heng Hee Soon
Kota Kinabalu Community,
17, Lorong Kingfisher 15, Taman
Kingfisher 3, Fasa 3B, 88450
Likas, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel.: (60) 88 430 988
Br. Andrew Chan Chou San, (CL,
T)-Sector Coordinator; Br. Paul
Ching Sun Nam, Br. John Tan
Wee Eng
Kuching Community,
950, Lorong Stapok Utara 2,
Blessed Garden, 93250 Kuching,
Sarawak, Malayisa
Br. Robert Teoh, (CL, T); Br. John
Emil I. Alada, (Asst.T); Br. Aljon I.
Champagnat House,
15 Flower Road, 549404 Singapore,
Tel.: (65) 6 382 3448
Br. Elmer E. Jandic, (CL, T); Br.
Thomas Chin Hon Man, Br. Joseph
Dufresse Chang S D
Hong Kong Community,
St. Francis Xavier’s College, 45
Sycamore St. Taikoktsui, Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Tel.: (852) 2393 2954
Br. John Clement Chong K A (CL);
Br. John Chin Yoon Choy (T, Visitor);
Br. Anthony Tan Kim Hock
Albe rt House Community,
Br. Gregoire Su Ping Qing, (CL);
Br. Norbert Wang, (T); Br. John
Yang Zhenxiong

Sector Community,
37, Tojeong-ro 2-gil, Mapo-gu,
Seoul 121-883, South Korea
Tel.: 082-2-3141-1817
Br. John Vianney Kim, (Changwoon)
(CL); Br. Pio Yu (Wanhee),
Br. Domingo Rhyou
(Kwan-ho) (T), Br. Joseph Ahn
(Su-Hun), Br. Alfredo Herrera
Marist Education Center (M.e.c.) Community,
37, Tojeong-ro 2-gil Mapogu,
Seoul 121-883, SOUTH Korea
Tel.: 082-2-333-6227
Br. Domingo Lee (Yong-chul), KJ
Sector Coordinator; Br. Paul
Won (Keun-ho) (CL, T); Br. Anthony
Choi (Il Nam), Br. Abraham
Kang (Min Woo)
Chungju Community, 71, Jisokgol-gil,
Sancheok-myeon, Chungju-si
383-830, Chungcheongbukdo,
South Korea
Tel.: 082-43-853-53135
Br. Laurence Park (Kwang-joon)
(CL); Br. Moses Cho (Min-Kyu) (T)
Je-Che on Eco-Spiritual Center Community,
1181, Guhaksan-ro, Baegun-myeon,
Jecheon-si 390-882, Chungcheongbuk-
do, South Korea
Tel.: 082-43-651-8356
Br. Jacobo Song (Chul-seob), (CL,
T), Br. Timothy Song (Hyo-seob)
Ansan Formation House, 20 Hangho
2gil, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-shi,
15626 Kyonggi-do, South Korea
Tel.: 081-78-731-4159
Br. Ignatius In (Jong-whan)
(CL),; Br. Damaso Chun (Youngkun)
(T), Br. Alexander Shin
(Hee-Young), Br. Michael Park
(Sung-won), Br. Simon Hur
Kobe Community Marist Brothe rs, 1-2-
1 Chimori-cho Suma-ku, Kobe
City 654-0072, Japan
Tel.: 081-78-731-4159
Br. Joseph Yoshida, Br. Yohan
Oh (Seon-keun) (CL, T); Br. John
Allen V. Timola

Br. George E. Valle-MDA Bangladesh
Br. Jonnel M. Sisneros-La Valla 200
(Mt. Druitt, Sydney, Australia)
Br. Lindley H. Sionosa-Assistant Director:
Brothers Today, General
House, Rome
Br. Anselmo Kim (Dong Ryeol)-La
Valla 200 (Vietnam)
Br. Augustine Lee (Hae-dong)-
Health recovery
Ms. Qalista Dhony (Lay Volunteer)-
La Valla 200 (Romania)