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Superior General
SR. Lorna P. Cababaan
MCM Central House
Impalambong, 8700
Malaybalay City
P.O. Box 018
Tel.: 088-813-3097
Mobile: 090659-2518
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Summary of Statistics
Perpetually Professed……………33
Temporary peofessed…………… 5
Postulants… …………………… 4
Aspirants………………………… 8
Central House… …………… 1
Novitiate… ………………… 1
Aspirant House……………… 1
Necrology… …………………… 3

Immaculate Conception of Mary Community,
Malaybalay City
Sr. Lorna P. Cababaan, Superior
MCM Central House, Implambong,
8700 Malaybalay City, P.O. Box 018
Tel.: (088) 813-3097
Mobile: 0920-659-2518
Email: mcmcentralhouse@
Sr. Joelita M. Mina, Local Superior,
Finance Officer (Jesuits
Retreat House); Sr. Gemma H.
Miras, Campus H Ministry (San
Isidro College), House Minister;
Sr. Gemma L. Bacor, Finance
Officer (San Isidro College); Sr.
Cristina L. Bolivar, Finance Staff
(Bishop’s House); Sr. Judith S.
Oliva, Apostolate of Presence;
Sr. Christine A. Maandig, Apostolate
of Presence; Sr. Liza P. Lachica,
Study Leave
Our Lady of Visitation Community,
Formation House, Malaybalay,
Mobile: 0939-890-5263
Sr. Lydia T. Perejan, Formator
Our Lady of Assumption Community,
Palma St., Valencia City
Sr. Serina T. Maraveles, Local
Superior, Finance Officer (San
Agustin Institute of Technology)
Mobile: 0927-511-2710
Sr. Virginia A. Loquias, Directress
(San Agustine Institute of
Technology); Sr. Irez Jane Paclauna,
Our Lady of Pillar Community,
Quezon, Bukidnon
Sr. Evangeline D. Hingpit, Local
Superior, Finance Officer
(Nuestra Senora del Pillar High
Mobile: 0910-259-1333
Sr. Joy Cajes, Principal (Nuestra
Senora del Pillar High School)
Our Lady of Peace Community,
Happy Home Foundation,
Inc. Center for Mental Health,
Maramag, Bukidnon
Sr. Nieves M. Mogote, Local Superior,
Happy Home Administrator
Tel.: (088) 356-1023
Sr. Gina L. Dahan, Principal (San
Andres High School); Sr. Julieta
V. Serojales, Finance Officer
(San Andres High School)
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Community,
Kibawe, Bukidnon
Sr. Rowena J. Suares, Local Superior,
Principal (Stella Matutina
Academy, Kibawe, Bukidnon)
Mobile: 0906-553-7726
Sr. Lorna P. Cababaan, Finance
Officer (Stella Matutina Academy)
Our Lady of Good Council Community,
Linabo, Malaybalay City
Sr. Patricia Z. Remotique, Local
Superior, Finance Officer (Good
Council High School)
Mobile: 0910-223-3798
Sr. Elizabeth U. Bag-ao, Finance
Officer (St. Michael High School)
Our Lady of Miraculous Midal Community,
Wao, Lanao del Sur
Sr. Beterba R. Paquibo, Local Superior/
Finance Officer (La Purisima
High School)
Mobile: 0918-942-2533
Sr. Gina L. Molina, Cashier/ Teacher
(La Purisima High School)
Our Lady of Guadalupe Community,
Zamboaguita, Malaybalay City
Sr. Pauline C. Tantoy, Local Superior/
Apostolate of Presence;
Sr. Argelyn C. Tamando, Finance
Officer (St. Joseph High School)
Our Lady of All Nations Community,
Molave, Zamboanga del Sur
Sr. Felisa P. Batusin, Local Superior/
Principal (Sacred Heart
Mobile: 0908-497-2942
Sr. Nally G. Espriritu, Finance
Officer (St. Joseph High School)
Our Lady of Lourdes Commnunity,
Dumingag, Zamboanga del Sur
Mobile : 0919-537-2109
Sr. Nanie Maria A. Baleroso, Local
Superior/ Finance Officer (St.
Joseph High School); Sr. Virginia
D. Muego, Principal (Sta.Maria
Goretti High School)
St. Joseph Golden Home,
Cagayan de Oro City
Tel.: (088) 856-3755
Sr. Victorina T. Gulay, Local Superior/
Apostolate of Presence; Sr.
Cherilyn F. Espinosa, Administrator
(St. Joseph Golden Home)
St. Dymp hna Comm unityhouse of Hope
Foundation, Inc., Cagayan de Oro
Mobile: 0917-733-9967
Sr. Felicisima L. Daguinotas,
Local Superior/ Administrator
(House of Hope); Sr. Milagros C.
Luangco, Cashier
Our Lady of Rosary Community,
Talakag, Bukidnon
Mobile: 0927-731-4982
Sr. Celine M. Gamolo, Local Superior/
Apostolate of Presence;
Sr. Gleceria E. Quising, Principal
(St. Joseph High School)
Presentation of the Blessed Virgin
Mary Community, Maranding, Lanao
del Sur
Mobile: 0918-717-3681
Sr. Leonila S. Sajelan, Local Superior/
Vice-President (Christ the
King College); Sr. Bernadette S.
Periodico, Campus Ministry/
Immaculate Heart of Mary Community,
Maryville Downs, Lower Chittering,
Perth, Western Australia
Mobile: 0061427085093
Sr. Teresita S. Sajelan, Local
Superior/ Assistant Principal
(Immaculate Heart College); Sr.
Ramona F. Pandan, Teacher

On Study Leave
Sr. Liza P. Lachica

(Note: No update received.)


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