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Non-Federated Monastery of
St. Clare (Philippines)

Diocese of Naval
Poor Clare Monas tery of the Mother
of the Eucha ristic Lord, Catmon,
Naval, 6560 Biliran Province

Sisters in Perpetual Vows:
Sr. Mary Lourdes A. Panal, Sr.
Mary Pierre L. Calago, (4th Discreet);
Sr. Mary Agnes E. Alosbaños,
(Vicaress); Sr. Mary Clare
E. Alosbaños, Sr. Mary Matthew
Q. Fabillar, Sr. Mary Andrew L.
Calago, Sr. Marie Elvie Q. Magsucang,
(On Exclaustration);
Sr. Mary Anne Dominique C.
Escuadro, Sr. Mary Giles A.
Villon, (2nd Discreet); Sr. Mary
Ave Catherine C. Telmo, (Abbess);
Sr. Mary Monica Therese
C. Mira, Sr. Mary Juniper M.
Ogang, Sr. Mary Jasmeene
Edith M. Morito, (On Probation
for Transfer to Papua New Guinea);
Sr. Mary Paul Clemence C.
De La Cruz, Sr. Mary Rose Christine
L. Tulabing, (3rd Discreet);
Sr. Mary Madeleine Alphonse
V. Abad, Sr. Mary Margaret M.
Aranquez, Sr. Mary Bernadette
B. Ruiz
Sisters in Temporary Vows: Sr. Mary
Lawrence Veronica R. Taco, Sr.
Mary Beatrice B. Malco

Sr. Mary Frances M. Calago, Sr. Mary
Cecille R. Tajanlangit

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