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(Rosarian Dominican Sisters)

Superior General
Sr. Mary Thomas
del Rosario, O.P.
Rosarian Dominican Sisters
Loctugan, Roxas City
Tel.: ( 036) 6213-557
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(As o f Sept. 27, 2015)
Perpetual Professed … …………50
Temporary Professed…………… 1
Novice…………………………… 1
In Foreign Missions………………10
Owned & Administered
Schools……………………… 4
Formation House… …………… 1
Orphanage……………………… 1

Communities, Works, Members
Motherhouse - Novititiate [F-1972],
Loctugan, Roxas City 5800,
Capiz, PO Box 53, Roxas City
In Final Vows: Sr. Mary Thomas
del Rosario, Superior General;
Sr. Mary Sofia Tajapal, Sr. Mary
Vincent Azupra, Sr. Mary Evelyn
Legarda, Sr. Mary Amata
Florendo, Sr. Mary Thaddeus
Castaño, Sr. Mary Catherine
Basa, Sr. Mary John Macias
Villeza, Sr. Mary Hyacinth Musa,
Sr. Mary Martin Casalmer, Sr.
Mary Rose Lumbaning, Sr.
Mary Phillip Adrias, Sr. Mary
Bernadette Zamora, Sr. Mary
Antoninus Marcelo, Sr. Mary
Monica Rosale, Sr. Mary Raymund
Fallera, Sr. Mary Rita Fenequito,
Sr. Mary Resurrection
Gargarino, Sr. Mary Angelica
Fuentes, Sr. Mary Immaculata
Porcare, Sr. Mary Teresa Pajudpod,
Sr. Mary Imelda Gaan
In Temporary Vows:
Sr. Mary Faustina Matudan
Sts. Joseph Orphanage [F-1988],
Lonoy, Roxas City 5800
In Final Vows: Sr. Mary Remedios
Cablas, Superior; Sr. Mary
Frances Ruiz, Principal; Sr. Mary
Ignatius Cabayao, Sr. Mary Joseph
Marinay, Sr. Mary Louise
Ayosa, Sr. Mary Agustina Asas,
Sr. Mary Gaudalupe Gaje
Our Lady of Grace Academy [F-1988],
Lonoy, 5800 Roxas City
In Final Vows: Sr. Mary Frances
Ruiz l, Principal; Sr. Mary Phillip
Adrias, Sr. Mary Ignatius Cabayao,
Sr. Mary Joseph Marinay,
Sr. Raymund Fallera, Sr. Mary
Immaculata, Sr. Mary Angelica
Fuentes, Sr. Mary Louise Ayosa
Parochial School of St. Isidore
[F-1989], Pontevedra, Capiz
Tel.: (036) 634-0142
In Final Vows: Sr. Mary Mark
Barneso, Superior; Sr. Mary
Genovesa de Justo, Principal;
Sr. Mary Brigette Asuncion, Sr.
Mary Raphael Mendoza, Sr.
Mary Veronica Tubongbanwa
Our Lady of the Most Holy Hosary
Academy [F-1993], Tapaz, Capiz
5814 Capiz
In Final Vows
Sr. Mary Pauline Caminade, Superior;
Sr. Mary Stephen Aguilar,
Principal; Sr. Mary Anthony
Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
Academy, Loyal, Victoria 5205
Oriental Mindoro
In Final Vows: Sr. Mary Peter
Estrologo, Principal; Sr. Mary
Cecilia De los Santos, Superior;
Sr. Mary Bertrand Villareal

Filipina Sisters on Mission
Rosarian Dominican Sisters, 19292, El
Toro Road, Silverado, California
9267-990 USA
In Final Vows: Sr. Mary Rosalia
Cajilig, Superior; Sr. Mary Andrew
Martires, Sr. Mary Divina
Bolante, Sr. Mary Jordan Zausa,
Sr. Mary Alphonso Burnbano,
Sr. Mary Jacinta Esquera, Sr.
Mary Ascension Servo, Sr. Mary
Martha Celiz
Rosarian Dominican Sisters, Holy Spirit
Catholic School, A Street, Rock
Springs, Wyoming 82901-5258
Sr. Mary Helen Diosana, Sr.
Mary Benedict Montehermoso

† Necrology †
2006: Sr. Mary Paul Tagabi
2013: Sr. Mary Noemi Monterola
2011: Sr. Mary Magdalena Alzate,
Sr. Mary Dolores Pacificar
2010: Sr. Mary Agnes Lumbaning


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