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Superior General
Sr. Ma. Gresilda B. Parba, SNSP
SNSP Generalate
P.O. Box 38, Lawaan III,
6045 Talisay City
Tel.: 491-5372
Tel./Fax: (032) 272-6970
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Summary of Statistics
SNSP Sisters… ………………69
In Final Vows…………………58
In Temporary Vows… ………11
Novices……………………… 3
Postulants…………………… 2
Aspirants… ………………… 3
Formation Houses…………… 2
Dependent Houses… ……… 4
Independent Houses… ……15

Communities, Works, Members
Archdiocese of Cebu
SNSP Generalate, P.O. Box 38, Lawaan
III, 6045 Talisay City
Tel.: (032) 272-6970, 491-5372
Rev. Mo. Gresilda Parba, Superior
General; Sr. Ma. Fe Robles,
Secretary General; Sr. Ma. Lina
Opusa, Econome General; Sr.
Ma. Jane Ayco, Tertian & Junior
Directress; Sr. Ma. Fe Gabutero,
Postulants Directress; Sr. Ma.
Norberta Empacis, Minglanilla
Parish; Sr. Ma. Marilou Tanic,
Parish Catechist/Mission; Sr.
Ma. Cherrylou Deligero, Parish
Catechist/Mission; Sr. Ma. Arsenia
de los Reyes, Mission; Sr.
Ma. Dulcesima Susas, Mission;
Sr. Ma. Judith Geslaga, Mission;
Sr. Ma. Virginia Ramos, Tertian;
Sr. Ma. Fortunata Pantonial, Sr.
Ma. Victoriana Ente, Sr. Ma. Eufrocina
SNSP Project House, P.O. Box 38, Lawaan
III, 6045 Talisay City
Tel.: (032) 272-6970, 491-5372
Sr. Ma. Rosalinda Dahuya, Mission
In-charge/Vocation Directress/
Aspirants Directress; Sr.
Ma. Telesfora Baleros, Project Incharge
(Vestments, Altar Linens);
Sr. Ma. Elsie Zamora, Mission
SNSP Novitiate House, P.O. Box 38, Lawaan
III, 6045 Talisay City
Sr. Ma. Teresa Pastera, Novice Directress
Novices: Jurien Java, Melvie Delocado,
Maisa May Solon
Sta. Teresa de Avila Parish, 6045 Talisay
Tel.: (032) 272-3413
Sr. Ma. Agnes Labajo, Local Superior;
Sr. Ma. Roxane Anoling, Sacristy;
Sr. Martha Labajo, Mission;
Sr. Ma. Ivy Achacoso, Mission
SNSP Mother House, P.O. Box 05,
Dam, Carcar City, 6019 Cebu
Tel.: (032) 487-0998
Sr. Ma. Tita Abapo, Local Superior/
Mission; Sr. Ma. Rufina
Roche, Mission; Sr. Ma. Preciosa
Pulvera, Mission; Sr. Ma. Toribia
Cuizon, Mission; Sr. Ma. Agripina
Gornez, Mission; Sr. Ma.
Cecelia Managbanag, Mission;
Sr. Ma. Mauralina Caquilala, Incharge
of Day Care Center; Sr.
Ma. Luzviminda Suello, Mission
SNSP Community, Sta. Catherine of
Alexandria Parish, Carcar, 6019
Sr. Ma. Uldarica Roche, Sacristy;
Sr. Ma. Virginia Tangpos,
Finance Office
SNSP Community, San Nicolas Parish,
C. Padilla St., 6000 Cebu City
Tel.: (032) 418-6312, 261-0848
Sr. Ma. Concepcion Cutayan,
Local Superior/Finance Office
(Sto. Rosario Parish - Tel.: 253-
2105); Sr. Ma. Teresita Dacalos,
Office In-charge; Sr. Ma. Monica
Linganay, Sacristy In-charge
SNSP Community, Alliance of two
Hearts Parish, Banawa, 6000
Cebu City
Tel.: (032) 255-3241
Sr. Ma. Mary John Cabaluna,
Sacristy In-charge; Sr. Ma. Eldina
Autor, Office In-charge
SNSP Community, Cebu Metropolitan
Cathedral, P. Burgos Street,
6000 Cebu City
Tel.: (032) 255-8893
Sr. Ma. Linda Coja, Local Superior/
Parish Office; Sr. Ma.
Rita Cabugnason, Sacristy Incharge;
Sr. Ma. Susan Flores,
SNSP Community, St. Therese of the
Child Jesus Parish, Lahug, 6000
Cebu City
Tel.: (032) 233-4964
Sr. Ma. Emelia de la Cerna, Parish
Office; Sr. Ma. Dolores Agon,
Sacristy In-charge
SNSP Community, San Carlos Seminary
College, Mabolo, 6000 Cebu City
Tel.: (032) 231-4514
Sr. Ma. Rena Auxtero, Marketing
In-charge; Sr. Ma. Teresita
Linganay, Canteen In-charge
Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish, 6004
Danao City
Tel.: (032) 200-3076, 516-6508,
Sr. Ma. Luzviminda Quimque,
Local Superior/Cemetery Office;
Sr. Ma. Cornelia Ampo, Sacristy;
Sr. Ma. Glicelda Hibaya, Finance

Diocese of Calbayog
SNSP Community, Bishop's House,
6710 Calbayog City
Tel.: (055) 209-1372
Sr. Ma. Virginia Navallo, Local
Superior/Chancery Office; Sr.
Ma. Catherine Escobido, Diocesan
Centennial Pastoral Center
In-charge; Sr. Ma. Benedict Linganay,
Diocesan Bookstore Incharge
SNSP Community, St. Vincent de Paul
College Seminary, Dagum Hills,
6710 Calbayog City
Tel.: (055) 209-1273
Sr. Ma. Socorro Labajo, Marketing
In-charge; Sr. Ma. Bonifacia
Rabi, Canteen In-charge

Diocese of Dumaguete
SNSP Community, Bishop’s Residence,
P.O. Box 85, 6200 Dumaguete
Tel.: (035) 225-9821
Sr. Ma. Charita Inot, Local Superior/
Parish Office; Sr. Ma. Gebbie
Jamis, Diocesan Bookstore

Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia
SNSP Community, Archbishop’s Residence,
Vigan, 2700 Ilocos Sur
Tel.: (077) 722-2018
Sr. Ma. Jocelyn Wilcox, Local Superior/
House Management; Sr.
Ma. Restituta Auxtero, Domus
Patris/Pastoral Center

Diocese of Laoag
SNSP Community, St. Lawrence the
Deacon Parish, Bangui, 2920 Ilocos
Tel.: (077) 764-3096
Sr. Ma. Jocelyn Pesidas, Parish
Catechist; Sr. Ma. Teresa Sencil,
Parish Catechist

Diocese of Gumaca
SNSP Community, Brgy. Rosario Gumaca,
4307 Quezon Province
Tel.: (042) 417-6214
Sr. Ma. Thelma Padilla, Local Superior/
Mission; Sr. Ma. Agatona
Ebarola, Mission

Archdiocese of Cotabato
SNSP Community, Bahay Maria
Sr. Ma. Maricor Linganay, Local
Superior; Sr. Ma. Emmalinda Alberca

Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro City
SNSP Comm unity, Archbishop's Residence,
9000 Cagayan de Oro City
Tel.: (08822) 722-375
Sr. Ma. Annie Rodrigo, House
Management/Cathedral; Sr. Ma.
Leonor Apat, House Management/
Sacristy (Cathedral); Sr. Ma.
Anita Quiñanola, Finance Office
Nazareno Parish, 9000 Cagayan de
Oro City
Tel.: (08822) 722-845
San Antonio Parish, Nazareth Subdivision,
Sr. Ma. Marina Baran, Mission/
San Antonio Parish, Nazareth Subdivision,
Cagayan de Oro City
Sr. Ma. Marina Baran

† Necrology †
2006: Sr. Ma. Marcelina Pantilgone
2007: Sr. Ma. Faviolita

(Note: No update received.)


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