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[SSpS] Mission
Congregation of the
Sisters Servants of the
Holy Spirit (E-1889)
(Holy Spirit Sisters or Blue Sisters)
B. Trinity Province, Philippine South

Provincial Leader

Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters
Pres. Magsaysay Ext.,
Kasambagan, 6000 Cebu City
Tel.: (032) 231-8512/ 8596
Telefax: (032) 231-1277
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Perpetually Professed……………36
Foreigners…………………… 9
Temporary Professed
Filipina… …………………… 2
Foreigners…………………… 8
In Foreign Missions……………… 9
Formation House:
Novitiate… ………………… 1
Kindergarten………………… 1
Grade School………………… 1
High School… ……………… 1


Archdiocese of Cebu
Kasa mba gan Community, Provincial
House: Holy Spirit Miss ionary Sisters,
Pres. Magsaysay Ext., Kasambagan,
Cebu City
Tel.: (032) 231-8512/ 8596
Telefax: (032) 231-1277
Sr. Maria Elizabeth Ello, Provincial
Leader/ Women Interacting
for New Growth and Services
(WINGS) for JPIC/President
-HSST Board of Trustees; Sr.
Celestina Tangan, Provincial
Ad-monitor/ Member – Community
Leadership Team/
AJS Province Coordinator/
Retreat Facilitator/On-going
formation in-charge/ Province
Chronicler/ Member– HSST
BOT/Sisters Student In-charge;
Sr. Elaine Faith Taneo, Provincial-
Mission Treasurer/ Board
Member–Sister Clarette-Rosario
Foundation, Inc. (SCRFI); Sr. Marie
Claire Manding, Community
Leader / Project Coordinator of
Yolanda Survivors’ Project/
Transportation In-charge; Sr.
Felicie Maria Arcaya, Member –
Community Leadership Team/
SSpSA – Cebu Companion and
Assisted Students In-charge/Retreat-
Giving; Sr. Miriam Dolores
Terce, Community Treasurer/Assists
in Room Accommodations
in the Provincial House/Assists
in the “Anawim” Apostolate; Sr.
Amelia Trabajo, Community
Chronicler/ Community Communication
in charge/SSpSA
– Cebu Companion/Assisted
Students In-charge/Retreatgiving/
Kitchen-in-charge; Sr.
Mary Judith Abrea, Chapel
and greeting Cards in-charge;
Sr. Maria Margarita Manigque,
Room Accommodation In-
Charge/ Health Care In-Charge/
Medical Staff–Wellnessland
Institute; Sr. Alejandrea Guerrero,
Dining Room In-Charge; Sr.
Adelrita Tancinco, Community
JPIC Apostolate–Informal Street
dwellers group (ANAWIM); Sr.
Maricel Carba, assists the Community
Treasurer /helps in the
Street Kids apostolate/supervises
assisted students’-Boys
Dorm/SCRFI -program coordinator;
Sr. Fatima Manding,
House Maintenance in-charge;
Sr. Fernanda de Fatima Manuel,
Student - Bachelor of Science
in Social Work in USPF; Sr. Iva Dicau
Caginiveitala, Cross-Cultural
Mission Exposurist/Provincial
Home Health /Wellness Team
Member/helps in the Street Kids
Bless ed Maria Helena Community
9 Don Pedro Cui, Cebu City,
School Pastoral Community,
Tel.: (032) 253-8018
Sr. Ewa Lidia Mazur, Assistant
Provincial Leader/ Tertians and
CCME In-Charge/ JPIC Coordinator/
Center Manager– Balay
Samaritano/ Urban Poor Apostolate;
Sr. Jovita Cendaña,
Community Leader/Registrar
–University of San Carlos South
Campus /BOT Member - Sister
Clarette-Rosario Foundation,
Inc.; Sr. Paulina Hermana Gea
Atawolo, Asst. Community
Leader/Student – MA in Anthropology
in USC- Talamban; Sr.
Anastasia Mihyeon Lee, Community
Mission Exposurist/helps in the
Street Kids apostolate especially
Balay Samaritano (drop in center
for street kids)
St. Arnold Janssen Community,
Poog, Toledo City
P arish Pastoral Community,
Sr. Benilda Avelino, Community
Leader/SCRFI BOT member/Advocacy
on Ecology (Integrity of
Creation) in-charge; Sr. Nimfa
Seranias, Asst. Community
Leader/Community Treasurer /
Vocation Animator/ Novice Directress/
Sisters in Temporary
Vows Companion/ Counselor –
Kahupayan - Center for Women
in Distress/ Students’ Companion
- Higaonon Scholars; Sr. Danuta
Sypek, Cross-Cultural Mission Exposurist/
assists in accompanying
– Higaonon Scholars
Holy Spirit Novitiate Community,
Poog, Toledo City
Holy Spirit Tertians’ Community,
9 Don Pedro Cui, Cebu City
Sr. Alma Tecson, Sr. Frederika
Tanggu Hana, Sr. Kamla Kasotiya,
Sr. Maite Konmawi, Sr. Preeti
Ganava, Sr. Rebecca Chaan David,
Sr. Reshma Sangeeta Ekka,
Sr. Veera Joilet Fernandes

Diocese of Tagbilaran
HSS– Tagbilaran Community,
Holy Spirit School of Tagbilaran,
School Pastoral Community,
Tel.: (038) 412-8808
Sr. Perlita Probadora, Community
Leader/Teacher in HSST/
School Principal - Bayawa Bukidnon
- visits the IP school as once
a month; Sr. Mary Esther (Sulpicia)
Aracap, Assistant Community
Leader/ Helps in the School
Canteen; Sr. Remedios Socorro
Aunzo, HSST School Director/
Province Communication Coordinator;
Sr. Maria Fe del Poso,
HSST School Treasurer; Sr. Maria
Edel Seran, Community Treasurer/
Kindergarten Teacher; Sr.
Eleanor Dizon, HSST Canteenin-
Charge; Sr. Amivi Genevieve
Avlegou, Incoming Student - B.S.
Financial Management-HNU

Diocese of Surigao
Our Lady of the Holy Rosa ry Community,
Mahanub, Gigaquit, 8409 Surigao
del Norte
Parish Pastoral Ministry,
Sr. Mathildis (Garda) Dasut,
Community Leader/ Herbal
medicine; Sr. Cristeta Pias, Asst.
Community Leader/ IP Apostolate
Coordinator; Sr. Juliet Mateo,
Community Treasurer/IP

Archdiocese of Palo
Blessed Josepha Community ,
Liceo del Verbo Divino, Avenida
Veteranos, Tacloban City, Leyte
School Pastoral Community,
Sr. Meriam Legaspi, Community
Leader/LVD-Campus Ministry/
Christian Living- Academic Coordinator;
Sr. Lelia Masalta, Asst.
Community Leader/ Campus
Ministry; Sr. Lourdes Nieves, Assists
in Yolanda Survivor Project/
Community Treasurer

Diocese of Malaybalay
St. Joseph Frienademetz Community,
Malitbog, Bukidnon
P arish Pastoral Community,
Sr. Diomar Lopez, Community
Leader/Parish Pastoral Ministry/
Parish Catechists companion; Sr.
Debora Budiningsih, Asst. Community
Leader/ IPA In-charge/ IP
Women/ Health program and
livelihood project in-charge; Sr.
April Relator, Community Treasurer/
IPA - Higaonon Youth in
Dorm companion/ Student - BS
Financial Management

Filipina Members in PHN - SSpS
International Formators’ Course-
Quezon City – SSpS Philippines
North Province (1 year)

Sr. Milagros Sandoval, Coordinator
Sr. Doyet Luarca, Participant

Filipino Members in
Foreign Missions

Steyl-Netherlands: Sr. Leoncia Pregunta
Togo: Sr. Maria Teresa Condenio
England: Sr. Adelina Tao-ing
Papua New Guinea: Sr. Mary Jeanette
Cuba: Sr. Emma Aracap
Rome: Sr. Estela Parmisano, Sr. Mary
Joy Quizan, Sr. Maria Jerly Renacia,
Sr. Annabelle Pedraya

1994: Sr. Milvida Estrada
1998: Sr. Fe Monungolh
2002: Sr. Socorro Ocon
2006: Sr. Clarette Ramirez, Sr. Rosario
2015: Sr. Honoria Gabito


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