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Gospel: Luke 14:25-33
One day, when large crowds were walking along with Jesus, he turned and said to them, “If you come to me, unwilling to sacrifice your love for your father and mother, your spouse and children, your brothers and sisters, and indeed yourself, you cannot be my disciple. Whoever does not follow me, carrying his own cross, cannot be my disciple.Do you build a house without first sitting down to count the cost, to see whether you have enough to complete it? Otherwise, if you, have laid the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone will make fun of you: ‘This fellow began to build and was not able to finish.’And when a king wages war against another king, does he go to fight without first sitting down to consider  whether his ten thousand can

stand against the twenty thousand of his opponent? And if not, while the other is still a long way off, he sends messengers for peace talks. In the same way, none of you may become my disciple, if he doesn’t give up everything he has.

Lectio Divina
READ: The author of the Book of Wisdom writes that through Wisdom humans are directed to the right path, learn what pleases God, and are saved. Saint Paul would not keep One- simus at his side; and because of friendship, he gave him back. In the gospel narrative, Jesus iden- tified the cost of following him.
REFLECT: God sent Jesus to enact his saving plan, to estab- lish his reign of love and mercy, and to restore humanity and the rest of creation back to him so that we may enjoy an “abun- dant” life and creation reach its fulfilment. This is God’s gene- rosity and goodness in action. But to receive the full benefit of his generosity and good- ness, there is a condition that must be satisfied, that is, the following of Jesus. And it does not come without cost. The decision to follow Jesus entails giving-up of that which is most important to us and the willing- ness to place one’s self in an uncomfortable situation. It is a free decision we take because God has opened our eyes to his love. Just like Wisdom which gives right direction, the fol- lowing of Jesus leads us to the heart of God.
PRAY: Gracious God, help us follow the example and tea- chings of Jesus so that we can direct our lives to what is ge- nuinely good and valuable.
ACT: Critically evaluate thoughts and actions. Do they bring us closer to God? Are they aligned with gospel values?
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