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Gospel: Luke 6:12-19
At this time, Jesus went out into the hills to pray, spending the whole night in prayer with God. When day came, he called his disciples to him, and chose Twelve of them, whom he called ‘apostles’: Simon, whom he named Peter, and his brother Andrew; James and John; Philip and Bartholomew; Matthew and Thomas; James son of Alpheus and Simon called the Zealot; Judas son of James, and Judas Iscariot, who would be the traitor.Coming down the hill with them, Jesus stood in an open plain. Many of his disciples were there, and a large crowd of people, who had come from all parts of Judea and Jerusalem, and from the coastal cities of Tyre and Sidon. They  gathered  to  hear  him  and  to  be  healed  of  their diseases. And people

troubled by unclean spirits were cured. The entire crowd tried to touch him, because of the power that went out from him and healed them all.


“Chose twelve whom he called ‘apostles’.”The far-reaching mission of Je- sus, from the Father and through the apostles, extends to us. It is alive in those people who were touched by Christ’s spirit, and fully embraced it in their lives. No mat- ter how great or simple (measu- ring it in human terms) it may be, it has a particular thing to accom- plish in the reign of God’s love, justice and mercy; and to God, it has tremendous significance. That extension in us is specific to us. It is only you or I who can carry it out meaningfully, effectively. In saying this who else can/will do it aside from us? Because of us Jesus’ mission reaches far and wide; and, it leaves a historical mark for peo- ple to continue.Who can stop God’s reign of love, justice and mercy except only us? Each of us may prevent an element of  Christ’s  mission to proceed by saying “no” to that which we are called to do, but it will not completely stop because it will always find a suitable per- son to further the mission. Christ's Spirit continues to touch the hearts of women and men so that it may renew all creation.
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