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Gospel: Mark 8:22-26
When they came to Bethsaida, Jesus was asked to touch a blind man who was brought to him. He took the blind man by the hand and led him outside the village.
When he had put spittle on his eyes and laid his hands upon him, he asked, “Can you see anything?”
The man, who was ­beginning to see, replied, “I see people! They look like trees, but they move around.”

Then Jesus laid his hands on his eyes again and the man could see perfectly. His sight was restored and he could see everything clearly.
Then Jesus sent him home, saying, “Do not return to the village.”

The blind man is healed gradually. It is quite pleasing to hear the blind man admits an improvement in his sight.
Conversion is an event in prog­ress which evolves over time. It can happen that we have moments of intense divine encounter during a retreat,
a pilgrimage, or an experience of inner movement. But they are not the end; they are simply points of departure.
It takes all of life and plenty of failures to convert our hearts. It takes a lot of patience to come to the full knowledge of ourselves and of God.
We need time, patience, openness, and courage to let the Lord go through our lives and change us radically.
The evangelist Mark emphasizes the concrete acts of Jesus in this healing: the saliva, the touch,
the laying on of hands prefigu­ring the current actions of the Lord in our lives which always take place through signs spe­cially through the sacraments.
We have not yet arrived, so let us trust the Lord’s action in our lives. Let us allow God to reach us through the many signs of His presence every day.

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