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November 27, 2021

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DG BookGospel: Lk 21:34-36
Be on your guard; don’t immerse yourselves in a life of pleasure, drunkenness and worldly cares, lest that day catch your
unaware, like a trap. For, like a snare, will that day come upon all the inhabitants of the earth. But watch at all times and pray,

that you may be able to escape all that is going to happen and to stand before the Son of Man.”



The things of the earth are good for they too
are creations of God. They are meant to give joy into our life
and their wise use is for the benefit of humankind. But
if too much of these is bad enough, then too much of
nothing is just as bad. What is needed is balance. There
are necessities of life we have to meet in order to live
meaningful lives. But needs are sabotaged by our wants. The
latter is not necessary. They just bring temporary pleasure.
That is why you cannot be satisfied. This fleeting pleasure
must be re-acquired over and over again. This addiction
takes away our attention to what is more important, that
is, the preparation for the future that is to come. It is a
future where God forms a big part of the picture. Sad to say,
the pleasures we seek blurs the importance of God in our
lives and substitute it with finite earthly pleasures. May
we go back to our senses and work for our needs. And after
having satisfied them, we turn our gaze to what is essential.
We assure ourselves of having God in our future.


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