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June 17, 2022

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DG BookGospel: Matthew 6:19-23
Do not store up treasures for yourself here, on earth, where moth and rust destroy it; and
where thieves can steal it. Store up treasures for yourself with God, where no moth or rust
can destroy it, nor thief come and steal it.

For where your treasures is, there, also, will your heart be. For where your treasures is, there, also, will your
heart be.The lamp of the body is the eye if your eyes are sound, your whole body will be full of light. If your
eyes are diseased, your whole body will be full of darkness. If, then, the light in youis darkness, how great
is that darkness!


Jesus uses the images of Jesus uses the images oftreasure, heart, and eyes in one go. How are they connected?
Well, Jesus clearly states that where our treasure is, there will our heart be. But how do we know where our heart is?
Follow the eyes! The eyes are intimately connected to the heart: Don’t we say that the eyes are the windows to our soul?
A mother cannot take her eyes off her baby, because her baby is the treasure that her heart cherishes.A mystic cannot
takes eyes off God because God is what her heart treasures. Wherever themystic turns her eyes to, God is what she sees.
If you find your heart wandering after things that are less worthy of who you are, gently force your eyes to what truly matters:
the heart will follow suit.

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