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dglogoGospel: Mt 23:1-12 -
      Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples, “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees have sat down on the chair of Moses. So you shall do and observe all they say; but do not do as they do, for they do not do what they say. They tie up heavy burdens and load them on the shoulders of the people, but they do not even lift a finger to move them. They do everything in order to be seen by people: they wear very wide bands of the law around their foreheads, and robes with large tassels. They enjoy the first places at feasts and the best seats in the synagogues, and they like being greeted in the marketplace, and being called ‘Master‘ by the people.

     But you, do not let yourselves be called Master, because you have only one Master, and all of you are brothers and sisters. Neither should you call anyone on earth Father, because you have only one Father, he who is in heaven. Nor should you be called Leader, because Christ is the only Leader for you. Let the greatest among you be the servant of all. For whoever makes himself great shall be humbled, and whoever humbles himself shall be made great.

Read: The prophet denounces cheating, violence, betrayal, and defilement of the Covenant. On the contrary, Paul reveals his commitment to the Gospel, his readiness to give up life for it. Jesus criticizes the mismatch between the words and the acts of spiritual leaders.
Reflect: It is only in God the word and the deed are perfectly identical. What God utters, is. In our human lives, we often struggle with the mismatch of our words and deeds. Whether in marriage or priesthood or religious life, we solemnly profess vows and commitment, but in living them, we may fail in varying degrees. However, we shall not be found wanting in our sincere desire and effort to match our words with deeds. God, who sees the heart, will be the judge of our authenticity.
Pray: Pray for those who are in leadership roles in the Church, that their lives may match what they preach, and thereby glorify God.
Act: Recite a decade of the Rosary for the leaders of the Church.

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