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Gospel: Mk 16:9-15
After Jesus rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary of Magdala, from whom he had driven out seven demons. She went and reported the news to his followers, who were now mourning and weeping. But when they heard that he lived, and had been seen by her, they would not believe it. After this he showed himself in another form to two of them, as they were walking into the country. These men also went back and told the others, but they did not believe them. Later Jesus showed himself to the Eleven while they were at table. He reproached them for their unbelief, and hardness of heart, in refusing to believe those who had seen him after he had risen. Then he told them, “Go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News to all creation.

This statement of the apostles after they were forbidden to speak or to preach by the Jewish religious authorities shows how much taken up they are in their message, how convinced they are of the truth they are preaching that no power on earth could keep their mouths shut. Jesus himself said: “ Even the very stones would speak…..” So powerful is the message that was entrusted to them that they were filled with zeal to share it with everyone even at the cost of being arrested, jailed or even put to death. In our ordinary lives, when we experience something extraordinary that does not happen to us ordinarily, we cannot stop speaking about it. I remember while I was sitting in our farm, all of a sudden a swarm of small yellow butterflies filled the whole garden like yellow snow flakes and I could not stop talking about that incident months afterwards. When we meet a person who deeply impressed us, we also want to talk about him or her to anyone who would listen. What the apostles saw was Jesus himself and what they heard were his words of life and love. Can we blame them if they cannot stop speaking about what they have seen and heard?

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