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January 12, 2022

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DG BookGospel: Mark 1:29-39
On leaving the synagogue, Jesus went to the home ofSimon and Andrew, with James and John.
As Simon’s motherin-law was sick in bed with fever, they immediately told himabout her. Jesus
went to her and, taking her by the hand, raisedher up. The fever left her and she began to wait
on them. Thatevening, at sundown, people brought to Jesus all the sickand those who had evil spirits:

the whole town was pressingaround the door. Jesus healed many who had various diseases,and drove out many
demons; but he did not let them speak,for they knew who he was.Very early in the morning, before daylight, Jesus
went offto a lonely place where he prayed. Simon and the others wentout also, searching for him; and when they
found him, theysaid, “Everyone is looking for you.” Then Jesus answered,“Letus go to the nearby villages so that
I may preach there too; forthat is why I came.”So Jesus set out to preach in all the synagogues throughoutGalilee;
he also cast out demons.




God called Samuel by name.But Samuel had no idea it was
God who was calling him. Heneeded the spiritual wisdomand
discernment of an elder—Eli—to help him recognize God’scall
and respond to. Everyoneneeds a guru. Even Jesus. Wefind
Jesus working throughoutthe day, but then spending thenight
|or early morning all alonein prayer, in conversation withhis
Father. Such daily bread ofdiscernment helps him remainfocused
and not be swept awayby people’s adulation born outof needy love.
Hence, when thedisciples tell him that everyonewas looking for him,
Jesus tellsthat he has to move on, toother people and places. With
all his compassion and love forpeople, Jesus is not emotionally
enslaved to them. His capacityfor healthy detachment comesfrom
the discernment bornof daily consultation with hisGuru—God the
Father. Who isyour Guru?


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