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May 28, 2022

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DG BookGospel: John 16:23b-28
Truly, I say to you, whatever you ask the Father in myTruly, I say to you, whatever
you ask the Father in myname, he will give you. So far you have not asked foranything
in my name; ask, and receive, that yourjoy may be full. 

I have taught you all these things inI have taught you all these things inveiled language, but the time is
comingwhen I shall no longer speak inveiled language, but will speakto you plainly about the Father.

When that day comes, youWhen that day comes, youwill ask in my name; and itwill not be necessary
for meto ask the Father for you, forthe Father himself loves you,because you have loved me, andyou
believed that I came from theFather. As I came from the Father,and have come into the world,
so I amleaving the world, and going to the Father.”


Jesus eggs us on to ask God forJesus eggs us on to ask God foranything in his Name. If we hadjust
one chance to ask the Fatherfor something in Christ’s Name,what would we ask? I decided toapproach
four friends of minewith this question. These arethe things they would ask Godfor: “to reveal, in Your
wisdom,Your divine plan and purpose formy life”; “give me more of Jesus”;“eternal life”; “let me hear
yourvoice, to know your Will.” None ofthem expressed any desire forworldly matters, despite manymaterial
struggles some of themhave been going through. It isnot surprising at all that at thedepth of our hearts
we long forGod, and God alone. To knowHim, love Him, live with Him,and walk according to His Will.
Augustine was right: Our heartsare made for Him; and they arerestless until they rest in Him.

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