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Daily Gospel

Daily Gospel (1651)

DG BookGospel: Mk 3:13–19
Then Jesus went up into the hill country, and called those he wanted, and they came to him. He appointed Twelve to
be with him, and he called them ‘apostles’. He wanted to send them out to preach, and he gave them authority
to drive out demons. These are the Twelve: Simon, to whom he gave the name Peter; James, son of Zebedee, and John his brother, to whom

DG BookGospel: Mk 3:7–12
Jesus and his disciples withdrew to the lakeside, and a large crowd from Galilee followed him. A great number of people
also came from Judea, Jerusalem, Idumea, Transjordan, and from the region of Tyre and Sidon, for they had heard of all that he
was doing. Because of the crowd, Jesus told his disciples to have a boat ready for him, to prevent the people from crushing him.

DG BookGospel: Gospel: Mk 3:1–6
Again Jesus entered the synagogue. A man, who had a paralyzed hand, was there and some people watched Jesus: would he heal the
man on the sabbath? If he did, they could accuse him. Jesus said to the man with the paralyzed hand, “Stand here in the center.” Then he asked
them, “What does the Law allow us to do on the Sabbath? To do good or to do harm? To save life or to kill?” But they were silent.

DG BookGospel: Mk 2:23–28
One Sabbath he was walking through grain fields. As his disciples walked along with him, they began to pick the heads of
grain and crush them in their hands. Then the Pharisees said to Jesus, “Look! They are doing what is forbidden on the Sabbath!”
And he said to them, “Have you never read what David did in his time of need, when he and his men were very hungry?

DG BookGospel: Mk 2:18–22
One day, when the Pharisees and the disciples of John the Baptist were fasting, some people asked Jesus, “Why is it that
both the Pharisees and the disciples of John fast, but yours do not?” Jesus answered, “How can the wedding guests fast while the
bridegroom is with them? As long as they have the bridegroom with them, they cannot fast. But the day will come when the

DG BookGospel: Jn 1:35-42
On the following day, John was standing there again, with two of his disciples. As Jesus walked by, John looked at him and said, “There is the
Lamb of God.” On hearing this, the two disciples followed Jesus. He turned and saw them following, and he said to them, “What are you looking for?”
They answered, “Rabbi (which means Master), where are you staying?” Jesus said, “Come and see.” So they went and
saw where he stayed, and spent the rest of that day with him. It was about four o’clock in the afternoon. Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, was one of the two who heard what
John had said, and followed Jesus. Early the next morning, he found his brother Simon and said to him, “We have found the Messiah” (which means the Christ),
and he brought Simon to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, “You are Simon, son of John, but you shall be called Cephas” (which means Rock).



READ: John publicly identifies Jesus as the “lamb of God.” Two of his disciples
immediately followed Jesus. And having seen the Lord up close and personal,
Andrew, who is one of the two, sought his brother Simon Peter and recruited
him for Jesus convinced that he at last found the Messiah of Israel. Simon Peter
would be identified by Jesus as the Rock without further clarifying what it means.

REFLECT: There are people who are not diminished when their importance
wanes. They are not insecure nor try to recapture their fading glory by
extraordinary means. These are the people who knows that their worth is not
on what they have, but on how they become after responding to their calling in
life. Honor, power and wealth do not matter. It is the sense of having done what
you are supposed to do with your life that is more important. John is one of these
blessed people of contentment. He did not stop his disciples when they decided
to follow Jesus. He was even instrumental in their departure from him when he
identified Jesus as the lamb of God. He is not jealous of the rising importance
of Jesus. He is not there to compete but to do God’s will. When our purpose is
clear, we are saved from many unwanted desires which are the source of pain.
John did what he was supposed to do. Because of this, no man born of a woman
is greater than John the Baptist (Mt. 11,11)

RESPOND: Let us spend time to know what is God’s purpose why He created
us. Knowing our mission in life narrows our search for meaning. And so, let us
begin with our name. What is the meaning of our name? Perhaps encapsulated
in that is our purpose in life. John’s name means “God is gracious.” He showed
God’s grace all the days of his life. That is why he is contented.


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DG BookGospel: Mk 2:13–17
When Jesus went out again beside the lake, a crowd came to him, and he taught them. As he walked along, he saw a tax collector sitting in his office. This was Levi,
the son of Alpheus. Jesus said to him, “Follow me!” And Levi got up and followed him. And it so happened that when Jesus was eating in Levi’s house, tax collectors

DG BookGospel: Mk 2:1–12
After some days Jesus returned to Capernaum. As the news spread that he was in the house, so many people gathered, that there was no longer room even outside the door.
While Jesus was preaching the Word to them, some people brought to him a paralyzed man. The four men who carried him couldn’t get near Jesus because of the crowd, so they
opened the roof above the room where Jesus was and, through the hole, lowered the man on his mat. When Jesus saw the faith of these people, he said to the paralytic, “My son, your

Gospel: Mk 1:40–45
A leper came to Jesus and begged him, “If you want to, you can make me clean.”Moved with pity, Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him, saying, “I do want to; be clean.” The leprosy left the man atonce and he was made clean.
As Jesus sent the man away, he sternly warned him,“Don’t tell anyone about this, but go and show yourself to the priest, and for the cleansing bring the offering ordered by Moses; in this way you will give to them your testimony.
”However, as soon as the man went out, he began spreading the news everywhere, so that Jesus could no longer openly enter any town. But even though he stayed in the rural areas, people came to him from everywhere.



The leper did not hesitate to ask theLord for healing. His condition did not make him ashamed or timid in front of God. This confidence in His mercy moves Jesus to respond in the sameway. As the leper draws near,
Jesus extended His hand in healing. Miracle is a dance between God and His creature. We must move forward to God in great faith and trust while God moves toward us in kindness and compassion.
When Creator and creature meet and touch, the latter is brought back to wholeness.


© Copyright Bible Diary 2021

DG BookGospel: 1:29–39
On leaving the synagogue, Jesus went to the home of Simon and Andrew with James and John. As Simon’s mother-in-law was sick in bed with fever, they immediately told him about her. Jesus went to her and,
taking her by the hand, raised her up. The fever left her and she began to wait on them. That evening at sundown, people brought to Jesus all the sick and those who had evil spirits: the whole town was pressing
around the door. Jesus healed many who had various diseases, and drove out many demons; but he did not let them speak, for they knew who he was. Very early in the morning, before daylight,
Jesus went off to a lonely place where he prayed. Simon and the others went out also, searching for him; and when they found him, they said, “Everyone is looking for you.” Then Jesus answered, “Let us go
to the nearby villages so that I may preach there too; for that is why I came.” So Jesus set out to preach in all the synagogues throughout Galilee; he also cast out demons.



Jesus’ life is characterized by many movements. One of that is lifting others as well as lifting Himself high to God in prayer.
When He came to Simon Peter’s house, he lifted the latter’s mother-inlaw to health and wholeness. He will do this to so many
people in His lifetime. The following day, He spent the early hours lifting Himself to His Father in prayer. No wonder He is strong.
He also seeks people and in the same breath, people also seek Him out. He invites His disciple to go to the neighboring towns
and villages that He may also preach to them. Yet, people also look for Him. They come in droves whenever they hear Him nearby.
Thus lifting up and seeking out are the two movements that characterizes Jesus in this gospel. May we have our own movements in life that
eventually lead us to Jesus as we lift ourselves up to Him in prayer, and to humanity as we seek them out in loving service.


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